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Choosing a Roof Construction Contractor: Key Factors to Consider

Don’t fret over choosing a roofer. Follow these tips to make your decision easier. The top four key factors to consider when choosing a roof construction contractor are safety, price, materials and reputation. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

Safety First

Obviously, roofing is a construction job that can be dangerous. Professional roofers will always follow national guidelines for making the job as safe as possible. OSHA provides guidelines for keeping roof contractors safe by advising precautions around these areas and more:

  • Fall prevention
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Lifts
  • Electric lines
  • Debris removal

A professional roof contractor will always prioritize worker (and homeowner) safety. To feel confident that your roofer is safety conscious, ask about measures the crew will take to stay safe. Do they have the proper equipment, materials and tools? Are crew members regularly trained in safety procedures?

Also be sure the roofing company you hire has the proper licensing and insurance. A company that hesitates to answer these questions may be disreputable, putting their crew, you and your home at risk.


Is the price right?

Once you’ve narrowed down your potential roof contractors and asked them for bids, it’s time to compare estimates. Just blindly choosing the lowest cost could backfire. Here are some things to look for in each estimate:

  • Warranty information. Does the roof contractor stand behind their work by covering installation? Are they using materials that are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty? You want your roof to perform for many years to come, so asking about coverage is a smart idea.
  • Roofing materials: Now it’s time to take a look at exactly what is going to be installed on your roof. If it’s not spelled out in the estimate, ask further questions. Beyond shingles or solar equipment, there will be other materials needed for your roofing job. Look for the line items for supplementary materials like underlays and sealants. Again, ask questions if one contractor’s estimate seems much different than another’s. It could be that the higher estimate includes higher quality, more durable materials. Find out if the need for more materials might arise. How would you be charged if new boards were needed to replace rotten ones for instance?
  • Labor costs: Here’s another line item to review. A roof contractor that charges more for labor could be using professional, skilled workers that will do a better job installing your roof.
  • Other incidentals: Here’s where the roof construction contractor should spell out fees for cleanup and removal of waste. Follow up with items in this section that you don’t understand. A professional roofer will be happy to go over your estimate in detail so everyone is on the same page.

Material Choices

Your roof is what protects your biggest investment: your home. You don’t want to overpay for top quality materials, but it’s not a place to skimp, either. You can research the materials manufacturer online to get a sense of quality and longevity. Is the roof contractor you’re considering certified by the manufacturer?

Consider aesthetics, too. Are the shingles offered by each contractor the color or style you prefer? Are you looking for an alternative to shingles? If you’re considering tile or metal roofing, for example, be sure the roof construction contractor has verifiable experience with those materials.

You be the Judge

When choosing a roof construction contractor, reputation matters. So how can you compare? Ask each contractor for the names of references and follow up with them. Take a look at online directories like Angi or the Better Business Bureau. Ask your neighbors, friends or coworkers if they’ve used a roofing company recently. Google reviews can be telling, too. If you do come across a bad review or rating, ask the contractor about it.

Choose Your Roof Construction Contractor

While it’s true that selecting a roofing company can feel daunting, remember that it’s worth your time to compare thoughtfully and make an educated choice. Start by asking for a consultation and estimate. We hope we can be of service as you look for roofing professionals.

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