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The Quick Fix for Missing Roof Shingles

Don’t Panic! The Quick Fix for Missing Roof Shingles

If your residential or commercial roof isn’t very old and you spot a missing or lifted asphalt shingle, you may be able to just replace it and your roof will be at full strength again. But it is important to realize the longer you put off fixing it, the more damage it can cause. Your roof is left vulnerable to the elements if a single shingle is missing, curled or lifted.

Here’s What Can Happen

If a shingle is missing, rainwater can start seeping into your roof. The results of this leak are all uniformly bad. The Florida communities of St. Petersburg, Tamp, Clearwater, and Fort Myers receive 51 inches of rain per year on average, and a single tropical storm can drop as much as 23 inches of rainwater in 24 hours.

Even a small leak can lead to larger issues, including mold, mildew, insect infestation, cracks, wall damage and caving. Central Florida’s summer high temperatures and humidity can cause the adhesive on the underlayment under the shingles to break down.

Replacing Those Missing Roof Shingles

To keep your home safe, take steps to repair the problem sooner rather than later. Immediate steps to take include inside and outdoor tasks.


Start inside:

  • Inspect your attic for signs of leaks, dark spots, holes, or sagging sheathing.
  • Can you smell mold or mildew?
  • Is insulation wet?
  • Check your ceilings for stains, mold or mildew

Step outside:

  • Using binoculars, inspect your roof for missing shingles, dark spots or sagging.
  • Inspect the underside of the fascia and eaves for rot, insects or animal infestation.
  • Check for cracked, torn, warped or missing shingles or popped nails.
  • Make sure pipes and all roof penetrations are sealed tight.
  • Inspect flashing to make sure it’s not damaged or providing inadequate coverage

Gathering Intel

As you go through the process of replacing missing roof shingles, it’s helpful to know how old your roof is. If you didn’t have it installed, check the inspection report from when you purchased your home or commercial building.

Watch the homes or buildings around you: They experience the same weather yours does and were likely built around the same time as yours was. If your neighbors are obtaining new roofs, then it’s wise to have a trusted roofing contractor perform a more thorough inspection.

If your neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, or Fort Myers has experienced heavy winds or a hailstorm, you can check for exterior damage as soon as it is safe. Speaking of safety, before you climb a ladder to inspect the roof, think about being safe. The CDC reports that more than 150,000 Americans seek medical treatment every year due to roofing-related injuries.

When repairing any damages, avoid band-air patches or quick fixes that will only last a short time in Florida’s challenging climate.

Don’t Delay: Get a Free Estimate

Hiring a professional roofer means they will have the proper equipment to replace shingles safely, whether you need just one or dozens. A roofing expert will also be able to determine if your roof needs more extensive work beyond just the shingle replacement.

Don’t hesitate to contact a roofing company, even if you think the job is very small: In 20 years of business, the team at Classic has seen countless homes where someone tries a DIY project to fix their roof, only to end up causing more damage, while costing the homeowner even more money.

When you replace shingles you want to match your current roofing, if possible. If the exact shingles are not available, your roofing contractor should help you locate a close match. Keep in mind that with the constant sun in Florida, your current shingles may have faded from when they were new.

Beyond Shingle Replacement

Classic Roofing & Construction services include:

  • Free roofing estimates.
  • An in-house team of highly trained full-time craftsmen certified through the GAF Training Academy, with no subcontractors employed.
  • Easy financing for both traditional and solar roofing installations.
  • Industry-leading 50-year warranty on roofing materials and 25-year warranty on workmanship.
  • Award-winning service and installation.
  • Residential gutter, window and siding services.
  • Roof integrated solar systems.

If you’ve noticed a missing shingle on your roof, call us at 727-349-1335 or schedule a free consultation.

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