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  • Vicky Cox Avatar
    Vicky C.
    7/01/2021 - Google

    David inspected our roof, determined it needed to be replaced. David explained the process; they replaced the roof in a... read more

    Tony Scotto Avatar
    Tony S.
    7/01/2021 - Google

    Met with David who was very helpful and explained everything that was going to be done. Everything he said was... read more

    Jessica C Butler Avatar
    Jessica C.
    7/01/2021 - Google

    My new roof replacement from start to finish went exactly as explained. The workers showed up on time and ready... read more

  • Jeremiah Chi Avatar
    Jeremiah C.
    6/30/2021 - Google

    They were professional and did a great job. The had the whole roof torn off and replaced in one day.... read more

    Condra Reason Avatar
    Condra R.
    6/25/2021 - Google

    I will definitely recommend this company they’re professional, attentive, informative and overall they just go above and beyond to ensure... read more

    Bruce Wechsler Avatar
    Bruce W.
    6/18/2021 - Google

    Very responsive. Rep David Glickstein was always available and responsive. Excellent job at competitive price (actually lowest bid). Wouldn’t hesitate... read more

  • Arlene Lesperance Avatar
    Arlene L.
    6/11/2021 - Google

    Roofers showed up on time and completed the work in the time promised!

    Shane Swezey Avatar
    Shane S.
    6/02/2021 - Google

    We had a great experience with Classic Roofing. David was an excellent salesman and was available throughout the process. The... read more

    dan aikens Avatar
    dan a.
    6/02/2021 - Google

    Great people. Would use again

  • Adam Smith Avatar
    Adam S.
    6/02/2021 - Google

    I got a good quality roof at a lower price than elsewhere. Would recommend

    Barry Franklin Avatar
    Barry F.
    6/02/2021 - Google

    Definitely worth hiring. They strive to do things right and do quality work with good customer service. I would definitely... read more

    Charles Gebelein Avatar
    Charles G.
    5/02/2021 - Google

    They worked with our insurance company to ensure that the damages were properly documented.Everything was done on schedule and professionally.... read more