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Roof Integrated Solar Panels

As environmentally friendly solutions become more popular, solar power use is also on the rise. Here is everything you need to know about roof integrated solar panels.

Solar panels have been around for decades, but their design has come a long way. Unlike bulky rack-mounted solar panels of the past, today’s solar tiles are attractive, affordable and low maintenance. DecoTech, a solar panel option from GAF, creates an elegant, low-profile solar system that installs like a skylight. Your new roof generates clean energy while looking beautiful for years and years to come.

Solar panels can provide several benefits to homeowners, landlords and anyone who uses a commercial building: Homes and buildings become more self-sufficient and utility bills go way down. The biggest benefit of integrated solar panels is that they are designed to be incorporated into your roof when you’re already replacing it, instead of sitting on top of your old one. The panels replace sections of conventional roofing and are virtually invisible from ground level.

Easy For You

Integrated panels also offer the benefit of low maintenance. Yesterday’s rack-mounted solar panels were held in place by fasteners that screwed into the roofing, which could damage shingles or tiles. The panels weren’t flush with the roof, creating spots for debris to build up and sit on your roofing.
Solar integrated panels are easy to use, too. Because your solar system is tied to the grid, you don’t need to worry about storing energy in batteries. You just use electricity in your home the way you always have (but save money every month!).
As you consider replacing your current roof and adding a solar system, your budget will play a role. We are happy to offer easy financing that covers both the costs of roofing and solar installation. Our generous warranty also covers both roofing and the solar panels.


Another Option to Roof Integrated Solar Panels

Classic Roofing also offers solar shingles as an option. A new product from GAF, Timberline solar shingles are sleek and simply installed like other roof shingles. The shingles streamline solar and roofing into one project completed by one crew and lower your overall energy costs. With these new and improved solar shingles, homeowners no longer have to compromise when it comes to installing solar power into their home.

If you are considering switching to a solar powered roof, Classic Roofing is prepared to help you choose and implement your new roof. Contact us today to get started on your sustainable roof!

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