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Roof Integrated Solar Panels

Roof Integrated Solar Panels Installation In St. Petersburg, Florida

As solar photovoltaic tiles’ environmental and economic benefits become more widely recognized, this renewable technology is becoming more specified – and solar panel designs are developing. We at Classic Roofing understand that solar panels can provide several benefits to homeowners, landlords, and occupiers (within Florida), including increased household self-sufficiency and lower energy expenditures. However, the advantages of integrated solar roof tiles aren’t just for occupants; they also benefit specifiers. +
Roof Solar Panels

Efficiency and capacity for generating electricity are critical when specifying a solar system. The installation method, appearance, safety performance, and maintenance are all factors to consider. Roof-integrated solar panels, designed to be a part of the roof covering, outperform standard on-roof systems positioned above the roof in all of these areas. As an alternative to more traditional on-roof systems, in-roof solar panels (photovoltaic tiles that sit within the plane of the roof structure) have been developed. 

Why Your Home Needs Roof Integrated Solar Panels Installed By Classic Roofing

1.) Decreased Energy Bills And Other Savings

Classic Roofing can help with this. Specifying integrated solar tiles in a roof for new-build social housing or a roof rehabilitation for an existing home can cut costs and shorten construction timeframes — and It can also make a home more appealing to potential purchasers while also ensuring long-term cost and energy savings.

2.) Environmental Benefit

Energy concerns are rampant within Florida. One of the purest types of energy is absorbing the sun’s energy. The majority of the electricity delivered to your home originates from the use of fossil fuels, which emit hazardous pollutants when burned. Solar energy minimizes your reliance on and consumption of fossil fuels, lowering your carbon footprint. Trust Classic Roofing to help you with this environmentally friendly installation.

3.) Aesthetic Benefits

We at Classic Roofing care about how your home looks. Almost 40% of your home’s visible external elevation is made up of the roof. A well-kept, attractive roof can enhance the appearance of your property. Alternatively, a clumsy or run-down roof might make your house an eyesore. Large, bulky solar panels can be an eyesore, even if they have a good environmental impact and cut your energy bills. However, with an integrated solar roof, you can enjoy all of the energy-saving benefits while maintaining the beauty of your home. Integrated solar panels are designed to be installed directly on your roof’s tiles. They’re so small that you can’t even see them from the ground. 

4.) Straightforward Installation

You can save energy while protecting the structural integrity of your roof by using an integrated solution. Solar panels are often installed on a roof via bolts drilled into the roof’s surface. An integrated system eliminates the need to drill holes in your roofing. Rather than drilling into the rafters, an integrated system attaches to the roof deck directly. Its interlocking components blend the system into the rest of your roof without looking out of place. Our professionals will do your installation project with as little hassle to you as possible. 

5.) Better Pest Protection

Pests can crawl around or even hide in the space provided by mounted racks. Birds love to establish nests beneath the shelter of solar panels that are put on the roof. On the other hand, pests have no place to burrow or reside with an integrated solar roof.

Pests can cause damage to the panels, requiring costly repairs. And the more birds’ nests or vermin that hide beneath a panel, the less airflow that panel gets, which might lead to it overheating. Your panels’ energy yield may be reduced as a result of this. When the panels are integrated directly into the roof, there is no need for additional protection such as spikes or mesh.

With a wide range of colors to choose from, the solar tiles will give your home or business that new and modern look it needs. The installation process is handled by our team of experts at Classic Roofing so you don’t have to worry about the hassle. Whether you need residential roof replacement for your own house or commercial roof replacement for an office building, we are here to help! 

Contact us today and get started with a free estimate on how much Roof Integrated Solar Panels Installation would cost in your area. You’ll be glad you did when summer comes around again next year because these panels generate enough energy not only power your home but also reduce electricity bills too. Trust our team of experts here at Classic Roofing to get the job done right!

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