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What Is GAF?

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If you’ve been looking into roofing contractors in Florida, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard about GAF. Officially known as the GAF Materials Corporation, they’re the gold standard when it comes to roofing materials. But what is GAF, really, and why do people rave about their work? Here’s everything you need to know about America’s largest roofing manufacturer.

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What Is GAF?

GAF stands for General Aniline & Film, and they have a long and storied history of manufacturing top-quality roofing materials. Founded in 1886, they have famously manufactured roofing materials for both residential and commercial roofing jobs for over a century. But what makes GAF roofing materials so special?

GAF roofing materials are routinely more durable than those of their competitors. That’s why GAF shingles are the top-selling shingles in the United States. And not only are their products reliable, but GAF is continually researching new roofing technologies and unveiling new products.

For example, GAF offers cutting-edge solar shingles; shingle roofing materials that also function as a solar energy system. However, because their products are top-shelf, GAF does not sell to just any roofing contractor. In fact, they have a prestigious certification program that roofers must undertake to install their best products.

GAF Certification

For roofing contractors certified with them, GAF offers access to their top-of-the-line roofing materials. These materials are often more durable, more weather-resistant, and add more value to your property. But GAF certification isn’t just about shopping—it also comes with access to the best warranties on the market. In this way, GAF-certified roofers can give their customers both the best products and the best long-term warranties.

What does it take to become GAF-certified? It’s a rigorous process that involves ongoing training and continuing education in roofing quality and safety. Unlike other certification programs, it’s not as simple as paying a fee or even completing a training program. Instead, roofers must undergo new classes and subsequent evaluations every year. And while this process is long and difficult, it’s worth it for the opportunity to do the best possible work.

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Classic Roofing & Construction is GAF Master Elite certified because we’re committed to giving our local customers the best possible service. Whether it’s residential roofing or a commercial project, we bring the best materials, the best warranties, and the best people to every project. If you’d like to see what a GAF-certified roofing company can do for you, start by scheduling your free estimate. GAF has been the leading roofing materials manufacturer for over a century—now is the time to see why they’re so well-trusted across the country.

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