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What to Expect From Roof Replacement Services

If you’ve decided to replace or repair your roof, congratulations are in order. It’s a great way to improve your home’s performance, structural strength and value. But if you’ve never had a roof replaced before, you probably have questions about how the process works and what you can do to help make the project go smoothly. Here’s what to expect from roof replacement services.

Start with a Free Estimate

The first step is to obtain a free estimate from roofing professionals. This estimate can also offer guidance on what type of roofing material is right for your budget and design style. 

If you live in a community that has a homeowner’s association (HOA) with architectural design guidelines, then you may have to obtain approval from the HOA on what roofing materials you are allowed to use on your home, as well as discover how long that approval process takes. 

Building Permit Process

Once an estimate is performed, your roofing company will provide dates when your roof replacement services will begin. Once a contract is approved by you, the roofing company should obtain a building permit from your local building code authorities. This ensures your home’s new roof will meet all building codes. (Florida has some of the most rigorous building codes in the nation.) Once a building permit is obtained, the team will get to work removing your old roof and installing a new one.


Prepare for Your Project

Tearing off an old roof and installing a new one is a messy and loud process. Roofers will be walking on your roof and around your home. Multiple nail guns will be used. All of this can be stressful for the occupants, especially children and pets. You may want to relocate them for the one- or two-day process.

A dumpster will be dropped off in your driveway and tarps will be installed around the perimeter of your home to help with clean up of shingles, nails and other debris. Magnet rollers will be used to help collect those nails that escape visual detection.

At Classic, we encourage our clients to take these steps a few days before the project starts if possible:

  • Remove all vehicles from the garage and driveway to a safe distance away on the street.
  • Remove patio furniture, potted plants or anything else that can be damaged by falling debris around the perimeter of the home.
  • Secure indoor items: Vibration may damage items, so we recommend taking down mirrors, artwork, pictures or any other fragile items.
  • Mow the lawn. Having shorter grass will help our team find nails and other debris that might not land on our tarps.
  • Unlock gates, both yours and your neighbors, in case of debris landing in their yards.

Be Aware of Potential Delays

An estimate is just that. Once roofing replacement services begin, your roofing company may discover damages under the old roof. The company should promptly communicate to you any changes to the scope, materials or costs needed to complete the project to building code.

Fair weather is needed to complete roofing work safely. If there’s inclement weather, your roofing project may be delayed for the safety of the crew. They should be back to complete the project as soon as the weather permits.

Choosing Classic for Roof Replacement Services

Classic Roofing & Construction has provided roof repair and installation services since 2003 in Pinellas County and beyond. We have a team of full-time craftsmen that are highly trained, factory-certified and building to the highest quality standards in the industry. We are licensed, bonded and insured. When choosing Classic Roofing & Construction, you have chosen peace of mind. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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