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Affordable Metal Roof

Your Guide to Affordable Metal Roofing in Florida

Metal roofs are extremely popular in Florida, but many homeowners struggle to find affordable metal roof options. With sky-high price tags that can exceed $30,000 for a moderate-sized roof, some people assume that a metal roof just isn’t an option for them.

But we’re here to tell you that that isn’t true. We’re Classic Roofing and Construction, and we know all the tips and tricks to help you get an affordable metal roof that you’ll love. Today, let us show you how you can get a metal roof in your budget.

To get started, let’s start by defining what we mean when we say a metal roof is affordable.

The Average Cost of a Metal Roof in Florida

The Average Cost of a Metal Roof in Florida

To decide what “affordable” means for metal roofs, we first have to understand what the average cost of a metal roof is. And in Florida, that number is fairly high.


Metal roofs in Florida average around $17,000. Of course, this number will certainly go up if you have a large roof, one with multiple stories, or one with unique arching patterns like dormer windows.

While a metal roof from Classic can easily come in below this price point, it’s important to have a realistic expectation for what affordable means when talking about metal roofing. For example, if you want the cheapest roof available, then shingle is probably the better roofing material for you.

But if you want a reliable, sturdy metal roof that won’t quit and comes in significantly below the average cost of a metal roof in Florida, then our crew can definitely give you that.

To see how we do it, let us show you some of the ways that we can work with you to get you an affordable metal roof.

3 Steps to Getting an Affordable Metal Roof

There isn’t just an “affordable” box that you can check when getting a new metal roof. Rather, you have to be strategic when making choices about your new roof. Luckily for you, we know all the choices you can make that will lower the cost of your new metal roof!

Now, let’s talk about how to get you the affordable metal roof of your dreams.

Choose an Affordable Metal Roofing Material

Choose an Affordable Metal Roofing Material

Many people are surprised to learn that different metal roofing materials have wildly different prices. For example, standing seam roofing is among the most expensive types of metal roofing and can cost up to $20 per square foot. So if you want an affordable metal roof, then you probably want something a little different.

For our customers who want an affordable metal roof, we recommend 5V metal roofing. Also called crimp roofing, this material is known for its wave-like pattern of hills and valleys. And from manufacturing to installation, it’s a very affordable option.

For one thing, 5V metal roofing costs less to manufacture. This is because of its simple pattern that can easily be replicated and fitted to your structure. As a bonus, its labor costs to install are also quite low thanks to its simple screw-down adhesion method. This means that your roof is drilled into place with exposed fasteners, which can be done easily, quickly, and without spending a lot of money.

Saving money doesn’t stop at choosing the material, though. Sometimes you can save money by getting a bit of financial help!

Look Into Grants and Roofing Assistance Programs in Florida

Financing a roof can be tricky, especially one made of metal. But it can help to get some assistance with paying the costs of a metal roof replacement. Thankfully, Florida has programs in place explicitly to help people get good, reliable roofs on their homes.

One popular option is the My Safe Florida Home program. This grant can help you afford a metal roof by giving you two dollars for every dollar you spend on your roof, up to $10,000. Many Floridians have already used this program to offset the costs of roof replacements, repairs, and upgrades, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same!

Unfortunately, the budget for this program is not infinite, and with long wait times, it isn’t an option for everyone. If you can’t wait for funds from this grant, or it runs out of money, then roof financing from Classic Roofing is the next best thing. Our low-rate roof financing allows you to get the roof you need today and pay it off over a comfortable timespan. This can make a metal roof go from impossible to affordable!

Start Collecting Roof Replacement Cost Estimates

The best way to get an affordable metal roof is to ensure that you’re getting a fair price. That starts with collecting metal roof replacement estimates from local roofers.

Naturally, you should make sure that whatever roofing contractor you choose is not charging substantially more than other estimates. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go with the cheapest option, either, since “cheap” often means “bad.” Instead, look for value.

You can tell a good roofing estimate by looking for a few things. First, the price should be in line with (or, ideally, a bit lower than) other roofing estimates that you’ve gotten. The next thing you should consider is detail. A simple agreement to put on a metal roof is not enough detail. Your estimate should include exactly what you’re getting, from the roof underlayment to the type of metal. Otherwise, you have no guarantee that you’re getting a reliable roofing system.

Start the Process of Getting an Affordable Metal Roof

If you want an affordable metal roof, then it’s time to collect estimates. Start with Classic, where getting your free roofing estimate is as easy as scheduling online. From the initial estimate to the final inspection, we work hard to make roof replacement as easy for our customers as possible!

With 20 years of local metal roofing experience and hundreds of great reviews, we can give you the roof you’ve dreamed of at a price you’ll love. Give Classic a chance and discover why, even after 20 years in the business, customers still rave about our 100% happiness guarantee!


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