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Solar Roof Shingles Clearwater

Harnessing the Power of Sunshine with Clearwater Solar Roofing Shingles

As a reputable institution in the roofing industry, Classic Roofing & Construction understands the significance of innovative roofing solutions. If you’re a Clearwater, Florida resident desiring to leverage the state’s bountiful sunlight to generate energy, we have a cutting-edge answer: Clearwater solar roof shingles. Utilizing Timberline Solar, a pioneering roofing system, we simplify the process of solar energy generation.

Our modern, sleek shingles, effortlessly installed with a nail gun, eliminate the need for heavy tiles or solar panels. Durable and designed to handle Florida’s challenging weather conditions, these shingles are warrantied to resist winds up to 130 mph. Opting for Timberline Solar equips Clearwater homeowners with a stunning roof, combined with solar power – a unified design, a singular project, and a single GAF-backed warranty. This revolutionary solar power system can significantly reduce your bills from Florida Light and Power (FLP) for your home’s lifespan.

The Superiority of Timberline Solar Shingles

Manufactured by GAF Energy, the Timberline Solar shingles stand as a testament to the unmatched quality of our sister company, GAF, one of the world’s largest roofing companies. Larger than Tesla’s offering at 17 inches tall and 64 inches long, these shingles require fewer parts and wiring connections, reducing installation costs while boosting reliability.

But why should you consider these shingles for your residential or commercial roofing needs? The reasons are multifold.


Distinctive Features of Timberline Solar Shingles

Contrary to conventional rack-mounted solar panel installations that require numerous fasteners, leading to potential roof deck damage, Timberline Solar shingles are rugged and endure the test of time. With the same wind and water-shedding warranty coverage as the industry-leading Timberline HD shingles, they promise exceptional durability.

Countering Escalating Electrical Costs with Clearwater solar roof shingles

As Florida’s electricity costs rise by an average of 4 percent annually, residents need a cost-effective solution. By installing a solar system, you can recoup the cost in just under 10 years and potentially eliminate your electric bills thereafter. Moreover, solar power enhances your home’s resale value by 4 to 6 percent and qualifies you for federal and state tax credits.

So, Clearwater residents, what will it be? Reduce electricity usage or install a solar system to cut electrical costs? The choice seems clear.

Harnessing the Clearwater Sun

In Clearwater, lovingly known as the “Sunshine City” for its average of 248 sunny days, the installation of solar roof shingles is a logical step. The Timberline Solar system enables you to make the most of the abundant sunlight, even on partly cloudy days. So, why not invest in an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly home?

The savings achieved by going solar will depend on your electricity costs, solar installation expenses, energy usage, and available rebates and incentives in Clearwater.

Boosting Curb Appeal and Property Value

Timberline Solar shingles are not just practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Their design effortlessly blends with your home’s architecture, contributing to enhanced curb appeal. Available in an array of colors, they offer a stylish upgrade to your property.

Driving the Seismic Shift in Clean Energy with Clearwater solar roof shingles

By integrating protective features and clean energy generation, Timberline Solar shingles redefine the concept of a roof. Their sleek design, lying on the same plane as the roof with a depth of less than one-quarter inch, is far superior to conventional rack-mounted solar panels.

In 2021, Timberline Solar shingles became the first roofing product to achieve UL 7103 certification from UL, a global science leader. This certification affirms that Timberline Solar meets all safety and reliability guidelines and is authorized for nationwide installation as both a roofing product and a solar energy product.

With its groundbreaking contributions, Timberline Solar has earned numerous accolades, including the Best of Innovation Award in the “Smart Cities” category by CES, as well as the Innovation Award in both the “Smart Cities” and “Smart Home” categories. It also won the Consumer Technology Association’s “Mark of Excellence” award in the Smart Home Category.

Embrace the Future with Clearwater Solar Roof Shingles

The new Timberline Solar™ roofing system

At Classic Roofing & Construction, we pride ourselves on being a GAF Certified Master Elite roofer and a GAF-certified solar installer for over two decades. These certifications, renewed annually, vouch for our commitment to delivering quality roofing services. With over 5 million roofs installed in the U.S. each year, even if only a small percentage of GAF roofs become solar roofs, the adoption of clean energy will surge exponentially.

The combination of attractive design, simple installation, and affordability makes Timberline Solar an excellent choice for Clearwater, Florida homeowners. “The overwhelming success of the GAF solar system makes energy generation from every roof a reality,” says Jake Babbitt, owner of Classic Roofing & Construction.

Our in-house team of experts provide free estimates and convenient financing options for a new roof and solar power, guaranteeing top-quality service and customer satisfaction.


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