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Find Local Help for Seminole Residential Roofing

Find Local Help for Seminole Residential Roofing

Seminole, Florida, is surrounded by Pinellas County upscale enclaves in all directions. It is home to some of the finest beaches in Florida and the shores of Lake Seminole. While the area is known for its natural beauty, its geographic location also leads to a challenging micro-climate, especially for Seminole residential roofing.

Weather Challenges

Homeowners know the city of Seminole is a high-risk area for tornadoes, averaging five a year, with a full 295 tornadoes since 1950. The area is also a high-risk location for hurricanes. Seminole has had 71 hurricanes making landfall within 150 miles of the city, since 1930, with Andrea being the most recent in June of 2013. Tropical storms Claudette in August of 2009 and Barry in June of 2007 also affected the area.

Even though Seminole averages 241 sunny days each year, the summer months can be rainy, with June, July and August receiving more than eight inches of rain each month. The total annual average rainfall of 50.8 inches in Seminole means that it is drier than most places in Florida.

Preparing for Hurricanes and Tornadoes in Seminole

Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against Seminole’s rain and storms. That makes your roof vulnerable to the high winds produced by hurricanes and tornadoes. High wind can tear shingles, underlayment and even the roof sheathing itself off.


Before a storm threatens your Seminole residential roofing, take a good look at its current condition. Are the shingles intact and not degraded? Is there any damage that you might need to have repaired? Remember, any leaks you may already have could be made worse by wind-driven rain and the impact of storm debris.

A quick inspection of the underside of your roof from inside the attic can also tell you a great deal about its condition. Arm yourself with a bright flashlight and in the early morning hours, before your attic becomes oppressively hot, inspect the underside of your attic interior. Look along the rafters or the tops of the roof trusses. Are there large nails driven through the sheathing, not secured into the framing? That could mean your home’s previous roofers missed-nailed the roof deck when they installed it. One or two missed fasteners may be OK. But any more than that and your roof’s ability to withstand high winds and rain could be compromised.

If you need a professional opinion on your Seminole residential roofing’s strength and ability to withstand storms, reach out to the team at Classic Roofing & Construction. We can provide a free inspection and estimate for repairs or a roof replacement.

As contractors in the Seminole area, our team is well-versed in building roofs to meet the Pinellas County building codes, which are among the most rigorous in the nation. We can also help you specify wind-resistant shingles that will maximize the protection of your home and family.

Seminole Roofing

Clean Energy From Your Roof in Seminole

If you want to take advantage of those average 241 sunny days each year in Seminole, consider having Classic Roofing & Construction install GAF’s Energy solar roof. Instead of those bulky solar panels, you can have a beautiful roof installed that is durable and has a sleek curb appeal.

Over time, the GAF Energy solar may even pay for itself, via monthly electric bill savings and incentives from the government. Additionally, the Timberline Solar roofing available from GAF has superior water-shedding qualities for those summertime showers in Seminole’s rainy season.

If You Have a Leak, Don’t Delay

With afternoon thunderstorms a common daily forecast for Seminole in the summer months, don’t delay if you spot a leak in your roof. Any delay can lead to more dangerous and costly damages, which can include mold and mildew, and additional interior damage.

If you are a homeowner who needs a roof repair, replacement, or a financially smart solar power solution, call us or schedule an appointment for a free estimate with one of our team members.

At Classic Roofing & Contracting, our full-time factory-trained craftsmen are certified through the GAF Roofing Academy. This enables our team to offer a lifetime warranty on GAF shingles and a 25-year workmanship warranty for homeowners in Seminole and throughout the greater Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

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