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Galvalume Steel Prices in Florida

Galvalume Steel Roof Replacement

Since it came out in the 1970s, Galvalume steel has been making waves in the roofing industry. But many property owners in Florida still have questions about this metal roofing material. How much does Galvalume cost? Does it stand up against Florida’s weather patterns? And what are the downsides of a Galvalume steel roof?

Answering those kinds of questions is exactly what local roofers are for! Classic Roofing and Construction has been based in Pinellas County for over 20 years, so we’re more than qualified to be your Galvalume steel experts. To begin answering your questions about Galvalume steel, we’ll start with the big one: What sets it apart from other metal roofing materials?

What Is Galvalume Steel?

What Is Galvalume Steel

Technically speaking, Galvalume is not a kind of steel. More accurately, it’s a coating made up of zinc and aluminum that is then applied to steel roofing panels. And to understand how that helps protect your roof, we first have to discuss the properties of aluminum and zinc.

Aluminum, among its many other protective qualities, is famous for its resistance to rust and corrosion. And zinc has the incredible ability to “heal” itself by shedding parts of itself that are damaged to protect the whole of your roofing system.


When combined with the unbeatable durability and resilience of steel roofing sheets, the result is a Galvalume steel roof with incredibly durability and longevity. However, this doesn’t mean that Galvalume is perfect. When choosing a new roofing material, the goal isn’t to find the best roofing material on the market. It’s about finding the best material for your structure.

Pros and Cons of Galvalume Steel

To help you decide if Galvalume steel is right for your structure, we’re going to look at the good and the bad. Keep reading for the pros and cons of a Galvalume steel roof!

Pro: Affordable Metal Roofing

When compared to other types of metal roofing, Galvalume steel has a moderate price point. For example, an aluminum roof could cost as much as $21 per square foot. Galvalume steel, on the other hand, will almost never cost more than $16 per square foot at most, even when adding in the labor costs of a roof installation.

Of course, affordability is always relative. And if you’re comparing Galvalume steel to shingles, then they’re certainly more pricy. But for the increased protection and reliability of a metal roof, many Floridians find that Galvalume steel is a great investment in their property.

Con: Not for Coastal Areas

As described above, Galvalume steel is great at resisting rust and corrosion. And for the vast majority of Florida, this protection is more than enough to keep your roof safe. But if you live within a mile or two of a large body of coastal saltwater, Galvalume may not be the best choice for your structure.

This is because the salt in the air slowly removes the protective coating. As more and more steel becomes vulnerable, your roof can begin to corrode and prematurely age. For this reason, if you live in a coastal part of Florida, an aluminum roof may be able to provide you with better protection.

Pro: Resistance to Florida’s Biggest Roof Killers

Pro Resistance to Florida's Biggest Roof Killers

If your roof experiences severe damage before the end of its life in Florida, it’s probably due to one of three causes: wind, rain, or UV rays. And Galvalume steel can handle each and every one of these roof destroyers. Let’s look at them one by one to see how this roofing material holds up!

  • High Winds: A shingle roof will only be able to withstand winds of up to 110 mph, and that’s using the best shingles on the market. A Galvalume steel roof, on the other hand, can handle winds of up to 140 mph without suffering any damage or weakening. For context, that means your Galvalume roof will be able to stand up against a Category 4 hurricane!
  • Heavy Rains: Unlike shingles, rain cannot soak through a Galvalume steel roof. Instead, your metal roof will create pathways for water to flow off your roof, avoiding any risk of water pooling. And thanks to its strong rust resistance, you don’t have to worry about moisture damaging your roof.
  • Sun Exposure: If you’ve ever seen cracked or curling shingles, then you know the kind of damage that the sun can do to a roof in Florida. But Galvalume steel doesn’t absorb heat the way that shingles do. Instead, it reflects light away from your structure. This both protects your roof and helps lower monthly energy bills!

Con: Risk of Oil Canning

Galvalume steel, like many other metal roofing materials, has a risk of developing oil canning. This is a visible, wavy pattern that can appear on the flat parts of your metal roof. The good news is that oil canning does not indicate a structural weakness to your roof, but many property owners consider it a visual nuisance.

When getting a new Galvalume steel roof, you can minimize your risk of oil canning. For example, hiring experienced installers can make sure that your roof is properly set up for a long, healthy life. But because oil canning is also caused by expanding and contracting with the sun’s heat, there will always be a risk of oil canning, especially as your roof gets older. For this reason, it’s important to consider this risk before investing in a Galvalume steel roof.

Pro: Great Roofing Longevity

A big part of the reason that Floridians invest in this roofing material is its longevity. Even among other metal roofing options, Galvalume can give your roof an especially long life. For example, Galvalume steel lasts for up to 60 years with minor maintenance. Other types of metal roofing may only last for 40 years or even less if they’re not properly maintained.

Galvalume compares even more favorably to shingles, which only last 25 years under the best circumstances. Given this longevity, many people turn to Galvalume when they need a roof that will last without breaking down.

Get Your Free Galvalume Steel Roof Replacement Estimate

Deciding on Galvalume steel for your roof is a big decision. But the friendly professionals at Classic will help you make sure that you’re making the right decision for your home or business. To get started, all you have to do is schedule your free roof replacement estimate. From there, we’ll work to provide you with options and estimates that cover the full cost of your new roof and meet or exceed all your needs.

With more than 20 years in the local roofing business, there’s no beating the expertise at Classic. Give us a chance and see how we’ve earned our hundreds of rave roofing reviews!


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