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Local Roofing Companies That Finance

Local Roofing Companies that Finance

Getting a new roof, or even a major roof repair, isn’t cheap. And sadly, roofs somehow seem to always have issues at the worst possible time. This leads a lot of people to start looking for local roofing companies that finance. And although roof financing can be a lifesaver, it’s important to be choosy with whom you open a loan.

We’re Classic Roofing and Construction, and we’ve been replacing and financing roofs in Florida for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve had to help a lot of Floridians who had gotten bad deals with other roofers. That’s how we know that homeowners need to be careful when choosing a roofing company to finance with!

To get started, let’s talk about some of the dangers of choosing the wrong roofing contractors.

Why It Pays to Be Picky With Roof Financing

Why It Pays to Be Picky With Roof Financing

In general, it’s a good idea to have high standards for your roofers. For example, hiring an inexperienced crew of storm chasers could be cheap on the front end, but you’ll end up paying much more when you have to pay someone to fix all of their mistakes and secure your roof.


This risk is multiplied when you’re choosing a local roofing company that finances. Why? Because without financing, unreliable roofers can only hurt you by doing a shoddy job on your roof. With financing, they can cause problems by doing a shoddy job on your roof and by trapping you into unfavorable terms for your loan. These can include things like high interest, hidden charges, and pre-payment fees.

Altogether, this gets you a cheap, flimsy roof that you’ll be paying off for years to come. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to go with experienced roofers who are offering a fair, straightforward deal. But how do you pick roofers from among all the local roofing companies that finance?

Choosing Between Local Roofing Companies That Finance

When you’re choosing a roofing company, it can feel impossible to tell who’s the real deal. After all, everyone claims to be the best and have the most experience, so how are you meant to determine who’s telling the truth?

We’ve been in the roofing business for over 20 years, so we know how to tell the real from the fake. Keep reading for tips on picking the best financing option and workmanship for your roof!

Look for Local Experience

Look for Local Experience

Before you consider anything else, you need to make sure that the roofers you pick have been based in Florida for a long time. There are two main benefits to this strategy: First, local experience means that they’re going to do a better job with your roof. After all, Florida has a unique climate, and national roofers probably aren’t used to preparing roofs for hurricane-force winds the way that we locals are.

But more than that, this also means good things for financing. If a company has deep roots in Florida, then you know that they’re not going anywhere. This means you aren’t signing a contract with storm chasers who will be gone in a month and sell your debt to a collections agency. Instead, you’ll have a deal with local, reasonable people that you can contact and have conversations with much more easily.

Verify Roofing Reviews

While you can’t always trust roofers to be honest, their customers are a lot more straightforward. That’s why it pays to look at local roofing reviews. But we encourage you to do more than just look at the star rating—while that’s important too, it can’t give you the full story.

Instead, read through some reviews, both good and bad (and every roofer will have some amount of both). Even if a company has great reviews on average, the bad reviews can still tell you a lot. For example, a company with several negative reviews talking about their predatory financing options is probably one you want to avoid.

Alternatively, multiple positive reviews about their generous lending terms and great workmanship are signs that you’ve found trustworthy roofers!

Avoid Aggressive Sales Tactics

In theory, the relationship between you and a roofer should be simple. You reach out to them for help, they tell you what they can offer, and then you reach an agreement that works for everyone. Unfortunately, not every roofing company handles business this way.

Oftentimes, especially with financing, people find themselves being pressured into signing with a roofing company. This often looks like pressure to sign right away, even and especially if you haven’t had time to read over everything and weigh all of your options.

If this happens to you, go with another roofer. Real professionals know that they offer great quality at fair prices, which is why they don’t need to bully you into signing a contract.

Get a Great Deal on Financing Your Roof Replacement

At Classic Roofing and Construction, we make it easy to get financing for your new roof or repairs. Our financing gives you a fair, reasonable way to pay for your roof, with payments starting at $99 per month! We offer this kind of flexibility because we know that roofing problems only get worse with time, and we don’t believe that anyone should be denied a safe, dry home with a sturdy roof to protect it.

And we’re not just a local roofing company that finances. We’re also some of the best roofers in the state of Florida. Thanks to our friendly staff, expert roofing contractors, and great connections with industry-leading manufacturers, we can offer the best roof replacements and financing in the state of Florida.

So why not reach out and see what Classic can do to help you? To get started, all you have to do is schedule your free roofing estimate. Then, using information from you and a quick roof inspection, one of our friendly roofing experts will put together a roofing estimate that’s customized to you. You’ll then be able to discuss financing options, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find a plan that fits your budget and your needs.

With more than 20 years as trusted Florida roofers, Classic has the experience and reputation to give you peace of mind. Reach out today and see why Florida still loves the Classic way of doing business!

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