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Real Classic Roofing Testimonial

My name is Heather Ware and in addition to working for Classic Roofing since April of 2023, I also had my roof replaced by them in July of the same year. Now that I’ve had some time with my new roof and can more accurately talk about the quality of work that Classic provides, I wanted to share my personal experience in this roofing testimonial.

All of these opinions and experiences are my honest account of my shingle roof replacement. I really wanted to hear about real experiences from real people when I needed a new roof, so keep reading to see my full Classic roof replacement experience!

Finding Reliable Roofers in Florida

Finding Reliable Roofers in Florida

As many people know, finding roofers that you can count on is very hit or miss. And when I first started looking for roofers, my initial instinct was not to choose Classic. I’d heard great things, of course, and there are more than a few rave reviews about this company. But we’ve all heard horror stories about bad roof replacements, and if there was going to be a problem, I didn’t want it to extend from my home life to the professional sphere.

For that reason, I started asking around and trying to collect roofing quotes. And I say “trying” because it was surprisingly hard to get a roofer to come out to my house. Often, I would call a roofing company and be told that someone would be back in touch with me, only to never hear from them again. Other times, I would be able to make appointments for a roof inspection that nobody would show up to.


And when I could finally get someone to my home, the experience wasn’t much better. The salesmen would make me sit through an uncomfortably long presentation about the history of their company and all of their various impressive-sounding titles and achievements, usually while telling me very little about what they could actually do for my roof.

But the end of these meetings was the worst part. Because I knew that I was collecting quotes and wouldn’t sign anything right then, and the salespeople I met with did not care to hear that. They insisted that I had to sign right there, that any other roofer would damage my roof, and that only their roofing company could get the job done right.

In short, they used a lot of aggressive, high-pressure sales tactics. And as a customer, that told me that I didn’t want to work with them. So with a few sky-high roofing quotes in my hand from companies that I didn’t care for, I decided to try my luck with Classic.

The Classic Roof Replacement Process

My roof replacement with Classic took place in several stages. In this next section of my roofing testimonial, I’ll break down what each step looked like and what my experience was as a Classic customer.

Getting a Free Roofing Estimate

While my experience was slightly different than the usual customer’s because I’m an employee, it wasn’t that different. I spoke with my coworker Caitlin, one of our representatives who handles estimates, and she asked if I wanted an in-person roof inspection or an express estimate. Since the express estimate was online and didn’t require another meeting, I chose that one.

And that was more or less all that I had to do! Within 24 hours I had an estimate in hand for a new roof. In addition to being the best price that I had seen from any roofing company, this estimate was much more detailed than the others I received.

It covered exactly what kind of shingle I’d be getting, what my color options were, and my exact roof warranty information. In short, it had all of the information I needed to make an informed decision.

So with that estimate in hand, I picked out my shingle and modified bitumen colors and we set a date for my roof replacement a few weeks later.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

To be honest, I have very little to say about the roof replacement itself because I didn’t do much. I moved my car to the street, and from there, the roofers took care of the rest. The dumpster was dropped off the day before my installation, and the crew showed up the next morning ready to work.

Throughout this process, the roofers impressed me with their amazing work ethic. They arrived shortly after sunup and worked right up until sundown, and this was in July when days are long. While there was of course a lot of noise during this time, otherwise I experienced very little disruption.

The only exception was when the crew went on a well-deserved lunch break on the second day of installation. They had tarped my roof because it looked like rain, but there must have been a gap because it started to rain and a leak appeared in my sunroom.

I reached out to another one of my coworkers who had the crew’s contact information (and her phone number had been given to me after signing my roofing contract, so this was not an insider advantage), and although it was a Saturday she called them and within half an hour they were back on my roof and the leak had been resolved.

The entire process took three days, and that was the only hiccup I experienced. And given how quickly Classic resolved it, I was extremely happy with my roof installation.

Cleaning Up and Final Inspection

After installing my shingles and modified bitumen, the crew cleaned off my roof and started collecting nails. To date, I haven’t found any residual nails anywhere on my property. And when I first stepped out to look at the finished roof, I was blown away by how good it looked. The architectural shingles looked incredible, and the crew had installed them perfectly.

The county inspector must have agreed,  because my roof passed inspection without a problem. From there, the only thing that I had to do was send over proof of my roof replacement to my insurance company and I was done!

Life After a Roof Replacement

It’s now almost six months and one hurricane later, and my roof has held up beautifully! I’ve had no leaks or any signs of water damage from the brief leak that I had during installation. And despite several storms with high winds, all of my roof’s shingles remain in place.

All things considered, I would recommend Classic without hesitation. From the very first step of my roof replacement, I could tell that Classic was different. And having gone through this process as a customer, I’m not surprised that this company has lasted for over 20 years.

If you’re on the market for a roof replacement, at least give Classic a shot. With free roofing estimates and great in-house crews, I can’t think of a reason to not at least get an estimate!


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