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Solar Panels and Installation

Solar Panels and Installation in Florida

Whether you want to help the environment or help your wallet with the energy bill, solar panels are a fantastic option. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to tell who can give you the best solar roofing system. This leads a lot of homeowners to have questions about solar panels and installation in Florida.

Classic Roofing and Construction is here to answer those questions. We’ve been installing solar panels in Florida since 2003, so we know the ins and outs of the solar roofing process. Today, we’re going to serve as your local roofing guides so that you can get the best solar panels and the best installation for your money. To get started, let’s talk about if solar panels are worth investing in in Florida.

The Value of Solar Panel Installation in Florida

The Value of Solar Panel Installation in Florida

Florida averages 237 sunny days per year, making it a prime location for solar roofing. With so much sunshine, it’s easy to get the full benefit of a solar roof. But what are those benefits, exactly?

For one thing, you can expect your energy bill to decrease noticeably. With energy going directly from the sun to your home, you won’t need to use as much energy from the grid. This can be a lifesaver in the summer when constant air conditioning can raise energy bills sky-high.


Solar panels are also very desirable on the housing market. This makes solar roofing a great idea whether you plan to sell or keep your home. On average, solar panels raise property values by over four percent. For context, the average price of a home in Florida is around $350,000, so that’s a value increase of $14,000! And since solar roofing systems don’t contribute to property taxes, this can represent a lot of savings, even with the high price tag of solar roofing.

Finally, solar panels and installation of them can be expensive, but you at least have the assurance that they’ll pay themselves off eventually in energy savings. How long this takes depends on the specifics of your home, but on average, you can expect your solar roof to pay for itself in eight to 13 years.

Now that we’ve reviewed the benefits of going solar in Florida, let’s look at the solar panel installation process.

The Classic Solar Panel Installation Process

If you want to know exactly how professional roofers handle solar panel installation, look no further. Check out our step-by-step guide below!

1. Roof Inspection

To prepare your solar roofing estimate, our roofing experts always conduct a roof inspection. This process allows our roofers to account for your roof’s unique features and sloping to determine an accurate price estimate to get your new solar panels installed.

This also ensures that your roof can safely support a solar roofing system. If your roof needs any upgrades or repairs, we’ll bring them to your attention at this stage so that we can discuss your options for getting solar panels installed.

2. Preparing Customized Solar Solutions

At Classic, we make sure that we’re installing the best solar roofing system for your structure. Sometimes that means picking out the best solar panels for your home, and sometimes that means going beyond that and exploring solar shingle options. In either case, we’ll use our connections with leading manufacturers to make sure that you’re getting the best solar roofing technology possible for your roof.

3. Navigating Local Roofing Regulations

Every county in Florida has its own unique roofing rules and regulations. And when dealing with solar panel installation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the bureaucracy, especially if you’ve never had to navigate it before.

But at Classic, we make sure that isn’t your problem. We’re experts on local roofing ordinances, so we handle all of the paperwork and filing of reports with the county. This way, you can focus on living your life while we handle the annoying side of solar roofing for you.

4. Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

When the time comes to install your solar panels, our roofing experts will make sure that your roof is safely adhered to your roof. This step of the process doesn’t require you to do anything—as long as we have easy access to your roof, you’re free to continue as normal without any disruption to your daily life.

Solar panel installation is where it pays to invest in experienced roofing professionals. With decades of local roofing experience, our crews know how to safely install solar panels in a way that exceeds industry safety standards and ensures the best look and finish for your roof. At Classic, we make the solar roofing process simple and easy for you!

Choose Your Local Solar Panel Installation Professionals

In Florida, there are a lot of people competing to be the ones to install your new solar panels. However, most of them aren’t experienced local roofers. But when you choose Classic, you get expert crews who know the ins and outs of both roofing and solar panels. This ensures that you get the best quality on your solar panel installation and don’t have to worry about whether or not your roof can safely support the weight of a solar roofing system.

If you want to learn more, the next steps are easy. All you have to do is schedule your free roofing estimate. This will begin step one of the solar panel installation process. With an estimate in hand, you can make an informed choice about moving forward with your new solar panels or shingles.

At Classic, we strive to make solar panel installation as hassle-free as possible. Give us a chance and see why we’ve been Florida’s go-to solar roofing pros for more than two decades!


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