Solar Reflective Shingles

How Solar Reflective Shingles Save You Money

Here in the Sunshine State, we’re blessed with an abundance of sunlight. Why not take full advantage of it? A renewable solar solution is ideal for any residential roofing. Solar reflective shingles will help you save money, energy and even the environment – they have surfaces that reflect significantly more radiation than other normal shingles or roof surfaces. Here are all the top benefits of this type of roofing material. 

Increased Durability

Recent studies have shown that the sun is a top factor in impacting the durability of roof shingles. UV rays and heat can deteriorate and crack roofs over the years.  Because solar reflective shingles reflect the sunlight, it reduces the amount of damage done. The more durable your roofing, the longer it lasts and the less often you have to pay to repair or replace it.  Solar shingles last 25 to 30 years and can replace any roofing materials. They are also suitable for roofs that aren’t designed to hold very heavy loads.

Reduced Air Conditioning and Cooling Costs

In warmer climates like St. Petersburg, Florida,   homes heat up, making air conditioning systems work harder than they should to keep a home cool and comfortable. Because solar reflective shingles are designed to reflect radiation, they absorb less heat, keeping it from being transferred to the interior of the building. The reduced amount of heat consequently reduces air conditioning costs by keeping you from running it on full blast for extended periods of time. In addition, by reducing the use of electricity, especially in warmer climates when the demand is particularly high, power outage rates can be lowered significantly. 

This type of roofing and other cool roofing solutions are most cost effective and beneficial in warmer climates like ours in Florida. Solar reflective shingles or cool roof solutions come in many different colors, styles and made from materials like asphalt . Solar shingles appear more like a traditional roof compared to solar panels that are typically elevated or mounted on top of a roof. For communities or neighborhoods that may have restrictions on the appearance or style of your roof, solar shingles are more likely to be accepted over solar panels. In states like California, Florida, Utah, Texas and Arizona, Solar Access rights laws have been implemented which prevent homeowners’ associations from restricting installation of solar panels and shingles.

More Environmental Benefits

Solar reflective shingles and cool roofing solutions can actually lower local outside temperatures, reducing the impact of the urban heat island effect. Also by reducing the demand for energy to cool buildings, power plant emissions are also reduced. Finally, solar reflective shingles can help fight global warming just by reflecting more sunlight to outer space according to the Energy Department of America.

Install Solar Reflective Shingles With Classic Roofing

At Classic Roofing we are experts in cool roof solutions and will help guide you to choosing the right materials for your home. Our experts will make sure your new solar reflective shingles are installed correctly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment today to start saving money.

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