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Standing Seam Steel Roof

Standing Seam Steel Roof Installation, Costs, and Value

A residential standing seam steel roof is one of the most durable roofs on the market. But like any roofing material, it isn’t for everyone. So how do you know if standing seam is the right choice for your home?

We’re Classic Roofing and Construction, and we’re going to help you make this important decision. We have over 20 years of experience with steel roofing in Florida, so we know which homes can benefit from this metal roofing option. And we’ll share that information by discussing standing seam steel roofing installation, price, and more!

But first, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a standing seam steel roof?

What Is a Standing Seam Steel Roof?

What Is a Standing Seam Steel Roof

There are two defining features of standing seam roofing: its flat center and its hidden fasteners. Since the fasteners are hidden beneath the metal panels, they are protected from the elements and are less vulnerable to wind and rain damage. This makes standing seam steel roofing great for standing up to Florida’s extreme storms!


But the advantages of hidden fasteners don’t stop there. Aesthetically, they create a smooth, seamless look for your roof that many homeowners love. Where other metal roofing options, like 5V, can have a more industrial look, standing seam is perfectly suited to residential structures.

By hiding the fasteners beneath the panel’s vertical legs, standing seam steel roofing creates beautiful aesthetics and uncompromising protection. But is it the right roofing material for you?

Standing Seam Steel Roofing Pros and Cons

There is no such thing as the perfect roofing material. Since every homeowner is unique, their tastes and needs for their roofs are just as individual. But by considering both the pros and cons of a standing seam steel roof, you can make the best choice for yourself and your home.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the features that homeowners love about standing seam roofing.

Pros of a Standing Seam Steel Roof

  • Curb Appeal: If you want a beautiful metal roof for your home, standing seam is the best option. New roofs always increase curb appeal, of course, but few can match the smooth, clean look of standing seam. In terms of aesthetics, many people consider standing seam to be on the same level as clay tiles.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Thanks to its hidden fasteners, a standing seam steel roof can stand up to just about anything. While you should still check around your roof’s penetrations (like vents) once per year, you don’t have to worry about wind damage or mold development the way you would with a shingle roof.
  • Eco-friendly: Your standing seam steel roof won’t just be good for your home, but for the planet. A steel roof reflects UV rays away from your home. This means that it will take less energy to keep your home cool and comfortable, benefitting both the planet and your monthly energy bill!
  • Long Lifespan: With proper installation, a standing seam steel roof can last for as long as 50 years. However, if standing seam’s protective paint gets scratched, the exposed steel could age faster. For this reason, you need to ensure that you pick local roofing contractors who know how to protect homes against the Florida elements.

Clearly, there are plenty of things to love about standing seam roofs. But what makes them not right for some?

Cons of a Standing Seam Steel Roof

  • High Cost: Standing seam steel roofing prices are, without a doubt, the biggest con for most homeowners. Where quality architectural shingles might cost around five dollars per square foot (depending on specific roofing features), covering that same roof with standing seam could easily triple the price. So while this roofing material is a great investment, it simply isn’t affordable for all homeowners.
  • Noise: Have you heard that metal roofs make a lot of noise when it rains? Well, that’s true to some extent. A standing seam roof will make additional noise in the rain, but this can be offset by adding extra insulation on top of your roof decking when installing your roof. However, keep in mind that this can increase the total roofing costs even further.
  • Installation Problems: Unlike shingles, standing seam steel roofing installation is not simple. It requires precision to perfectly line up your metal roofing sheets and ensure that they’re secured. And the stakes are high, because any mistake could leave vulnerabilities that will cause severe structural damage to your home. For this reason, you need to be highly selective in picking your metal roofing contractors.

The above factors are why some homeowners ultimately decide that standing seam isn’t the right fit for them. But how do you know if the pros outweigh the cons?

Choosing Your New Roof

In general, we don’t recommend that homeowners make cost the only factor when considering what roofing material to choose. This is because the cheapest roofs are often not very good. However, it makes sense to be highly aware of that price tag when it comes to luxury roofing materials like standing seam steel roofing.

The truth is that most homeowners simply can’t afford a standing seam roof. But if you can, it really is one of the best roofing systems available in the state of Florida. With a long lifespan, unbeatable durability, and great aesthetics, we’d recommend a standing seam steel roof to any homeowner with the funds to afford one.

But that doesn’t mean you should get a standing seam steel roof from just any contractor. Metal roofing requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and understanding of local weather systems. And if anything goes wrong with your standing seam roof installation, it could create problems that you’ll be dealing with for decades.

Picking the Best Steel Roofing Contractors in Florida

Picking the Best Steel Roofing Contractors in Florida

If there’s one thing you can count on from every single roofer in Florida, it’s that they’ll tell you they’re the best in the business. So how do you find out if a roofer is being honest?

First, always check the roofing reviews. Not every roofer is honest, but you can bet that their customers will be. Classic Roofing, for example, has over 600 reviews with an average 4.9-star rating! This tells you two important things about us: First, that we do right by our customers. And second, that we’ve been in business long enough to get all these reviews and build our spotless reputation in our local community.

Don’t just stop with the reviews, though. You should also look for companies that have experience in your local area—for example, Classic Roofing and Construction has been based out of Pinellas County since 2003. This means that we have local roofing expertise and the experience to make sure there are no issues with your new roof installation.

The final test of a potential roofer is the estimate. At Classic, we offer free, no-obligation roofing estimates, and we don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, we chat with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for, give your roof a quick inspection, and then prepare a thorough, detailed estimate that covers exactly what you’re getting and what it will cost. Because when someone is looking for a new roof, it’s not our job to decide for them. Instead, we only want to give you the best information so you can make an informed choice for yourself.

If you’re considering getting a standing seam steel roof, or any other kind of roof replacement, reach out to Classic. With 20 years of experience right here in the Sunshine State, we know that we can get you a great new roof at a price that you’ll love.

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