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What to Do When There’s Roof Wind Damage

For people living in the Tampa Bay region, roof wind damage is just a fact of life. Whether it’s a tropical storm or a full-blown hurricane, our community sees a lot of high winds, especially in the summer months. As a result, homeowners face two big issues: identifying roof wind damage and fixing it.

Luckily, your local roofing experts at Classic Roofing and Construction can help with both problems. But we’ll start by using our 20 years of local roofing experience to explain how roof wind damage happens.

Why Does the Wind Damage Roofs?

Why Does the Wind Damage Roofs

In theory, roofs are made specifically to resist wind damage. So why is it still such a big problem for Florida homeowners?

The core of the issue lies in how high winds affect roofs. Rather than affecting the entire roof as a whole, winds tend to cause damage around the edges or where there is already a structural weakness, like by uplifting old, water-damaged shingles. Additionally, windborne debris like branches can cause damage to your roof, especially if you have a roofing membrane system like TPO or EPDM.


Part of the problem also lies in roofing materials. While no roofing material is completely immune to roof wind damage, some types are especially susceptible to it. Shingle roofs, for example, are the most likely to experience wind damage, followed by tile roofs and then metal roofs.

But this doesn’t mean that all shingle roofs will experience wind damage. In fact, quality architectural shingles will be able to withstand winds in excess of 100mph. Similarly, the installation plays a big role—an improperly installed roof of any material could face a high risk of sustaining wind damage.

Now that you understand how roof wind damage happens, let’s take a look at how you can tell if high winds have damaged your roof.

How to Tell if You Have Roof Wind Damage

If you suspect that high winds have damaged your roof, then you can start by giving your roof a quick visual inspection. We recommend that you take this step after major storms, especially if your roof was last replaced more than ten years ago.

When examining your roof, you want to look for the most obvious signs of roof wind damage, which are things like missing shingles or exposed underlayment. But you also want to be on the lookout for things like debris on your roof, and if you find it, then you should clear it immediately. Otherwise, it could become a home for pests, which could lead to much larger problems for your roof.

But parts of your roof don’t have to be missing for there to be wind damage. Curled or bent shingles are also a form of roof wind damage, and they’re important to get fixed right away. Because even if they’re not causing a problem now, these structural weak points can jeopardize the health of your entire roofing system.

Another common way that people realize they have roof wind damage is from the inside. After a storm, you might notice new leaks or mold development, both of which are serious roofing problems. If you’re seeing damage inside, it’s important to take a look at your roof to see what’s causing these issues.

If you see any of these signs of roof wind damage, you need to get help ASAP. Additionally, if part of your roof is exposed, we recommend covering it with a tarp to stop water from getting in. Water damage can greatly weaken your roof’s underlayment, so it’s important to keep it as dry as possible.

But as soon as you notice roof wind damage, you’ll want to take pictures of the damage. If you plan to use your homeowners insurance to pay to fix your roof, then these will help you receive an approval for your claim.

Paying to Fix Roof Wind Damage

Paying to Fix Roof Wind Damage

Many people do not have wind damage in their budgets. So when high winds mean they need roof repairs or even a replacement, they turn to their homeowners insurance provider. And if you qualify, this can be a great way to pay for a healthy, stable roof.

As mentioned, we recommend taking photos as soon as you notice roof wind damage. You can also benefit from saving any online articles about the storm that damaged your roof. When you submit your claim to your insurance company, these can help establish a clear timeline of when the damage happened and what caused it.

Once you’ve submitted your claim, your insurer will likely ask you to have a professional roof inspection conducted. Either an insurance adjuster will come to your home, or you will be able to hire a roofing company, depending on your insurer’s policy. In either case, be sure to provide your insurer with any supporting evidence that they ask for. If they approve your claim, you’ll be able to pick a roofing company to fix the damages.

But how do you find the right crew to fix roof wind damage?

Finding the Right Crew for Your Roof Repairs

If you’ve got roof wind damage, then it’s time to get help. But how do you know that you’ve found the right roofing company? There are several important areas to look at if you want to get the best service for your roof wind damage.

First, always look at a roofing company’s reviews. There are two important things here: the average star rating and the amount. Obviously, the higher the star rating, the better. But you also want to consider how many reviews they have. If that number is under 50, then that roofing company may not have enough experience to properly fix roofing damages caused by high winds.

You should also make sure you know who will be working on your roof. For some roofers in Tampa Bay, it’s cost-effective to hire inexperienced subcontractors. In cases like this, the subcontractors might have never set foot on a roof before. And while a professional may supervise them, that’s not the same thing as having an expert crew.

But at Classic, we only use crews of trained professionals. That’s why all of our crews are in-house employees, not unknown subcontractors. And you can trust that we know what we’re doing because we’re GAF Master Elite-certified. Only the top two percent of roofers get this accreditation, and it allows us to pass on great products and warranties to our customers.

Roof Wind Damage – Video

So what are you waiting for? Getting started on fixing roof wind damage is as easy as scheduling your estimate online. This estimate is free, no-obligation, and will include plenty of options so you can customize your roof repairs or replacement to exactly what you need. We’ve proudly served our Florida community for decades, and we know you’ll love our 100% happiness guarantee just as much as our past customers have.

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