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Asphalt Shingle Installation in Clearwater

At Classic Roofing & Construction, we have been the trusted choice for asphalt shingle installation in Clearwater, Florida, for more than two decades. The sun-kissed Clearwater region is famous for its idyllic weather, which draws numerous residents to its enchanting surroundings. However, our in-house team of roofers understands that the tranquil sunny days transition to the inevitable rainy season, culminating in the turbulent storm season of hurricanes and tornadoes – no minor challenges, weather-wise.

Trust Your Roof to Classic Roofing & Construction

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Our seasoned team at Classic Roofing & Construction, with its extensive knowledge of Clearwater’s climate conditions, is well-equipped to fortify your home against these harsh weather patterns. Being locals ourselves, we cherish the Clearwater community and have probably served your neighbors with our residential and commercial roofing services.

When you engage Classic Roofing & Construction, you align yourself with Clearwater’s leading roofing specialists. Our mission? To safeguard you through the tumultuous storm season and conduct regular inspections to ensure your roof’s condition remains optimal.

Are you considering replacing an asphalt shingle roof for the first time? Allow our experienced team to guide you through the process:


How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

The first step in your asphalt shingle installation journey in Clearwater is selecting a reliable contractor. We recommend gathering multiple written estimates from various roofing contractors. Ensure you meticulously scrutinize each one, comparing their methodologies, materials, warranties, and project timelines.

Are you surprised that we’re advising you to shop around? While it might seem counterintuitive, we believe in informed decision-making. While the final project cost is undoubtedly essential, it shouldn’t be the sole determiner. Some homeowners opt for the most affordable contractor, only to later discover the compromise on workmanship quality and material standards. The fallout? They are forced to engage another contractor to rectify the errors on their “brand new” roof.

Preparing Your Home for Roofing

After choosing your preferred contractor, the next step is preparing your home for the asphalt shingle installation in Clearwater. This involves safeguarding your external valuables, landscaping, and flowerbeds using protective coverings like tarps.

Internally, valuable items in your attic should either be removed or shielded with a tarp. This is to safeguard them during the process of removing your existing shingles and underlayment. Our team at Classic Roofing & Construction will take every measure to protect your home throughout the re-roofing process, leaving your premises spotless post-installation.

However, we’d like to highlight that a roofing project can generate considerable noise and may be disruptive. Hence, it’s advisable to arrange for off-site accommodation for you and your pets for a day or two during the roofing project.

Also, keep in mind that the vibrations from the roofing project could potentially harm wall-mounted items like picture frames, mirrors, and other fragile pieces, so it’s advisable to secure them beforehand.

Building Code Officials and Neighbor Notifications

To maintain good neighborly relations, keep your neighbors informed about your impending roofing project due to potential parking constraints and noise.

Rest assured, our team at Classic Roofing will handle all requisite building code permits for Clearwater and Pinellas County, in addition to coordinating the necessary inspections post-project completion.

Classic Roofing: Your GAF Master Elite Contractor

Classic Roofing Team - Clearwater Area Roofing Services

Classic Roofing & Construction has proudly held the distinction of being a GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractor since 2003. This premier credential represents our relentless commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, quality, and industry knowledge.

Our unwavering dedication to offering the best roofing solutions to the Clearwater community leads us to use GAF products, lauded for their superior value and performance. The GAF residential roofing system provides several unique benefits to homeowners, including:

  • A broad palette of shingle colors to match your home’s unique aesthetic.
  • An industry-leading leakage barrier courtesy of Weather Watch Technology, ensuring a waterproof roofing system.
  • A 15-year warranty offering the highest wind speed protection up to 130 mph.
  • A 25-year warranty against roof discoloration due to algae growth.

Unlike some roofing companies, our robust supply chain is unaffected by shortages, allowing us to provide an extensive range of color and material options.

Clearwater Residents: Your Financing Options

We appreciate that a roofing project can be a substantial financial undertaking. Therefore, Classic Roofing & Construction offers five unique financing options to Clearwater residents to manage this unexpected expense.

Our short-term financing options start as low as 18 months, extending up to 60 months. We’ve partnered with the FHA-approved, nationally licensed firm, Green Sky, to provide loans up to $45,000 in value. These loans do not require equity and are accessible to customers with diverse credit scores (minimum ~600). We will work with you to identify the loan program best suited to your budget and circumstances.

We also collaborate seamlessly with your insurance company to streamline your roofing project in Clearwater. Our experience working with adjusters and claims processors reduces stress and accelerates your roofing project timeline. Furthermore, our partnerships with reliable loan services such as GreenSky and Mosaic allow us to secure funding for your project.

Reach Out for a Free Estimate

For top-quality, long-lasting, and affordable asphalt shingle installation in Clearwater, Florida, reach out to Classic Roofing & Construction. We take pride in serving residential and commercial clients in Clearwater, as well as St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, and Tampa. To learn more about our financing options or roofing services, call us or schedule an estimate online.

From our inception, Classic Roofing & Construction has held steadfast to our mission of delivering outstanding residential and commercial roofing solutions. Trust us for your asphalt shingle installation in Clearwater, and experience the Classic Roofing & Construction difference firsthand.

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