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Clearwater is famous for many things, from its nationally-ranked beaches to its delicious seafood. But there are other noteworthy factors about Clearwater, namely the high sun exposure it receives, its heavy rains, and its vulnerability to storm and hurricane damage. For all of these reasons, property owners should conduct regular roof inspections in Clearwater in order to extend the lives of their roofs.

But how do you go about setting up a Clearwater roof inspection? And what does a roof inspection entail, exactly? With 20 years of experience working on residential and commercial roofs across Clearwater and beyond, we have everything you need to know about roof inspections.

How Often Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

How Often Do I Need a Roof Inspection

Naturally, one of the first questions people have about Clearwater roof inspections is how often to get one. And while there is a simple answer, the real answer is a little more complicated.

Most Florida roofing experts will tell you that you should schedule a roof inspection once every year. And that’s true—annual roofing inspections can help identify minor issues with your roof before they turn into costly repairs or even roof replacements. But there are other factors that could influence when you need to have a roof inspection.


For example, after a strong tropic storm or a hurricane is a great time to schedule your Clearwater roof inspection. Since high winds can cause some roofing materials to detach, it’s a great time to look for issues like missing shingles or debris that’s landed on your roof.

But part of figuring out how often to undergo a roof inspection depends on who will be completing the inspection. So do you handle it yourself, or do you hire a Clearwater roof inspection company?

Clearwater Roof Inspection: Go DIY or Hire Professionals?

Clearwater Roof Inspection: Go DIY or Hire Professionals

If you’re handy, then you’re probably tempted to do your own roof inspection. And you’re not totally wrong—there are probably some roofing issues that you’re more than capable of identifying. When people conduct their own roof inspections, they can typically check for obvious issues like:

  • Missing or loose shingles
  • Trapped water
  • Broken flashing

So if your roof is under five years old and hasn’t experienced extreme weather conditions since the last time you had it professionally inspected, then yes, a DIY roof inspection is probably fine. But if your roof has recently withstood extreme conditions or it’s older than 10 years, then you could gain a lot from a professional roof inspection.

Clearwater roof inspection companies can provide a much more thorough roof inspection. At Classic, our roof inspection services include:

  • Roofing Material Inspection: Whatever your roofing material, our expert contractors know what to look for to make sure it’s in top shape. This includes checking for missing shingles, damaged flashing or fasteners, stains, and moss or algae development, to name just a few common roofing issues. Your roofing inspector will also ensure that your roofing material is water-tight and not letting in any leaks.
  • Structural Stability Review: Your professional Clearwater roof inspector will ensure that your structure’s roof plane is even and that the underlying structure of your roof shows no signs of damage.
  • Ceiling Inspection: A professional roof inspection doesn’t stop at the exterior, because that’s not where roof damage stops, either. Our roofing inspectors also check the inside of the structure, specifically ceilings and attics to make sure that there are no leaks and no mold developing. Not only is mold sometimes dangerous to inhale, but over time it will weaken your roofing system and your structure overall.
  • Workmanship Review: During your roof inspection, our experienced contractors will identify any workmanship issues with your roof that could shorten the life of your roofing system. By getting ahead of these issues, you can greatly extend the life of your roof and save yourself thousands of dollars in roof replacement costs.

As you can see, a professional roof inspection looks very different from a DIY job. But to make sure you’re getting the best information, it’s important to pick the right Clearwater roof inspection company.

Finding Roof Inspection Services in Clearwater, Florida

If you think it’s time for your home or business to get a roof inspection, make sure you’re choosing roofers you can trust. At Classic, customers know that they can trust the quality of our inspections and workmanship because:

  • We Have Reviews: With hundreds of five-star reviews, we have proof that we know how to help with your roofing project. We’ve completed countless Clearwater roof inspections, repairs, and replacements, and our reviews show that we get the job done right. And with our 100% happiness guarantee, you can trust that we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for you.
  • We’re Licensed, Insured, and Certified: When roofing contractors come to your home, it’s vital that they know what they’re doing. And since we don’t use subcontractors, you can trust that everyone involved in your inspection is an experienced professional who is fully licensed and insured. As an added bonus, with GAF Master Elite certification you know that our crew always follows the best performance and safety practices.
  • We’re Experienced and Local: We’ve been providing roofing services in Clearwater since 2003. And in that time, we’ve made strong, lasting connections in the community. Those connections mean we want the best for you and your roof, so you can trust us to give you a thorough, honest roof inspection.

It’s easy to think of Clearwater roof inspections as unnecessary. But regular roof inspections can prevent issues from getting worse and extend the life of your roof. So if you own a home or business in Clearwater, don’t hesitate to reach out and get started on the roof inspection process!

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