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Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated Metal Roofs vs. Other Materials

With Florida’s annual hurricane season always looming, more and more property owners are choosing to invest in corrugated metal roofs for their structures. But for other Floridians, it can be hard to tell if a corrugated metal roof is really worth the investment.

That’s where we come in. Classic Roofing and Construction has been installing and repairing metal roofs across the state of Florida for over two decades. Today, let us put that expertise to work in answering all of your questions about corrugated metal roofing. We’ll start with the big one: What makes it different from “regular” metal roofing?

What Makes a Corrugated Metal Roof Special?

What Makes a Corrugated Metal Roof Special

You probably already know that metal roofing is great at resisting wind uplift, water damage, and even impact damage. But you may not know what sets corrugated metal roofing apart from other options.

The biggest difference with a corrugated metal roof is that it has a distinctive pattern of hills and valleys. Also known as 5V roofing, these metal sheets have ridges and grooves to help move water off your roof. By creating easy pathways for the water to move off your roof, corrugated metal roofing works similarly to many types of tile roofing.


The downside to a corrugated metal roof is that it requires exposed fasteners. Put simply, this means that your roof is screwed down into your decking from the outside of the metal panels. This can lead to issues as the roof ages since the metal is not able to naturally expand and contract with the temperature.

This covers the basics of what you need to know about this metal roofing option. But who wants to make a decision for their property based on the bare minimum? To get a more complete picture, let’s look at some of the other features of a corrugated metal roof.

More Affordable Metal Roofing

It’s no secret that metal roofing is anything but cheap. And that holds true for corrugated metal roofing—it will almost always cost more than an asphalt shingle roof. But when compared to other metal roofing options, a corrugated steel roof can be very affordable.

This is due to two significant factors. The first is that corrugated metal sheets cost less to manufacture than standing seam metal sheets. In fact, they generally cost about half as much!

The other cause of the reduced price of a corrugated metal roof is the installation process. Screwing a roof into place is a quick and simple process, which helps lower the total labor costs for your roof replacement.

Thanks to these significant pricing reductions, corrugated metal roofing presents a unique opportunity for property owners who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford more expensive metal roofing options.

Simple and Infrequent Maintenance

Simple and Infrequent Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners switch to a metal roof is to save themselves the hassle of frequent repairs. In Florida, the most common roof repair is replacing missing or damaged shingles after a storm.

But that won’t be a concern with a corrugated metal roof. In fact, metal roofs resist damage from all of the biggest roof-killers in Florida, including:

  • High winds
  • Heavy rains
  • UV exposure
  • Mold and algae growth

While this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay any attention to your roof, it does mean that your new roof should be fine as long as you’re giving it an occasional inspection and cleaning. For these reasons, corrugated metal roofing is very popular among property owners who want a no-hassle roofing material.

Corrugated Metal Roofs Have Great Longevity vs. Shingles

On average, a well-installed shingle roof will last you 25 years at the most. This is because over time they’re either removed by wind, soaked through by rain, or become dry and cracked from the sun. But because a corrugated metal roof won’t have these problems, you can expect it to last substantially longer.

How long? Every roof is different, and luck plays some factor (for example, a home that’s hit by a strong hurricane could lose its roof regardless of the material). But generally speaking, a corrugated metal roof can last up to 50 years. This makes it twice as durable as a top-performing shingle roof!

Thanks to this and the lower maintenance, many property owners find that it makes sense to replace their shingle roofs with corrugated metal roofs.

Get a Corrugated Metal Roof Estimate

We’ve talked a bit about the cost of a corrugated metal roof, but we haven’t said how much they cost exactly. And that isn’t just us being coy—the price of a corrugated metal roof will depend on so many unique factors that any number we could broadly give probably wouldn’t apply to your roof.

So how do you get the exact cost of your new corrugated metal roof? The fastest way is to schedule a free roofing estimate with trusted local roofers like Classic Roofing and Construction. With over 20 years of local roofing experience and sterling roofing reviews, you can be sure that we’ll get you an estimate that’s both comprehensive and fair.

Making the switch to metal roofing is a big decision, but it could be the best thing for your structure. Whether you need a residential or commercial metal roof, reach out to the friendly pros at Classic and see for yourself why we’re still the best in the business!

Corrugated Metal Roofs vs. Other Materials – Video

Corrugated Metal Roof FAQs

1. Q: Will a corrugated metal roof rust in Florida?

A: Florida is a prime environment for metal to rust, especially along the coasts. However, most corrugated metal roofs will not rust, especially if you choose one made from galvanized steel, galvalume, or aluminum, since these metals naturally resist rust and corrosion.

2. Q: Do corrugated metal roofs make extra noise during rainstorms?

A: Technically, yes, most metal roofs do make some extra noise during rainstorms. But you probably won’t hear any of it. This is because experienced installers will add extra insulation to make sure that the sound is blocked out and doesn’t disturb people inside the structure.

3. Q: How does corrugated metal roofing compare to other roofing materials when it comes to cost?

A: A corrugated metal roof costs appreciably more than a shingle roof. But when compared to other metal roofing options or luxury roofing materials like tile, corrugated metal roofing usually comes cheaper. However, even if you’re going from a shingle roof to a corrugated metal roof, you could still save money via the longer lifespan and the reduced need for repairs.

4. Q: Are corrugated metal roofs energy efficient?

A: Yes, corrugated metal roofs reflect UV rays away from your home. This way, they lower the amount of work that your AC system has to do, which can both save energy and save you money on your electricity bill.

5. Q: Are corrugated metal roofs for residential or commercial structures?

A: Corrugated metal roofs suit both commercial and residential structures. While they do look more distinctive on residential structures, many homeowners find that they like the look of corrugated metal and the uniqueness that it gives their homes.


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