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Looking for expert roofers in St Petersburg FL

Looking for Expert Roofers in St. Petersburg, FL?

If you live in Pinellas County, then you know how vulnerable our local community is to major storms. Sitting between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, we’re in a prime location for a hurricane or tropical storm to pass through. And if that happens, you’re going to need expert roofers in St. Petersburg, FL to help protect your home in the aftermath.

We’re Classic Roofing and Construction, and we’ve been serving St. Petersburg and the surrounding area for 20 years. Based in Pinellas County, we’ve got strong local connections and a deep understanding of how to protect homes against our local weather patterns. 

Why You Need Roofing Experts in St. Petersburg

Why You Need Roofing Experts in St. Petersburg

As mentioned, Pinellas County frequently sees severe weather events that can seriously damage your roof. But it doesn’t always take a tropical storm or a hurricane to damage your roofing system. Regular, everyday weather can still do plenty to make you need roofing experts in St. Petersburg.

Day in and day out, your roof will have to contend with some combination of UV exposure, torrential downpours, and extreme UV exposure. And if your roof wasn’t installed by local roofing professionals, then it might not be up to the challenge. Poor roof installation routinely leads to issues like leaks and sagging roofs, both of which can spread and do damage to the structure of your home.


So while amateur roofers might save a few dollars initially, the risk simply isn’t worth it. Subpar work doesn’t just run up your roofing bill—it endangers your home. Inexperienced, unreliable roofers have already caused Florida enough trouble. Don’t let your home’s safety be another thing that they take from our community.

How to Find Roofing Experts in St. Petersburg, FL

Once you’re clear on why having professionals on your roof is so important, the next step is finding them. And that can be tricky, because every roofer in Florida will claim to be the best. So how do you know if you’ve got real professionals or just amateurs who talk a big game?

Check Their Roofing Credentials

The first step is to ensure your roofer is licensed. If they don’t prominently display their roofing license (Classic’s roofing license number is #CCC1333826), ask to see it yourself. It can be easy to assume that they’re telling you the truth, but the only way to be sure is to independently verify it yourself.

You also want to make sure that your chosen roofing experts in St. Petersburg also have insurance. In Florida, the state minimum for roofing company liability insurance is $300,000. But at Classic, we never want to risk bringing trouble to our customers. That’s why we carry $1 million in liability insurance—so no matter what happens on the job site, it won’t affect you or the final result of your roofing work.

Reviews and Testimonials

Every roofing company claims to be the best. But what are other customers saying about the roofer? Online reviews and testimonials offer unbiased insights into the quality of their work. If you see consistently low reviews or a low total number of reviews, it could indicate that you’re dealing with roofers who are inexperienced or unreliable.

In either case, it’s better to go with expert roofers in St. Petersburg, FL who have their community behind them.

Local Roofing Experience

There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to roofing. And specifically, there’s no substitute for local experience. Every climate has its own issues to deal with, so while a national roofer might do great work in preparing homes for ice and snow, that doesn’t mean they know how to handle roofing in a humid climate like Florida.

For that reason, you want to make sure your roofers have experience in the area. And after 20 years of being based right here in Pinellas County, it’s safe to say that Classic knows St. Petersburg as well as any roofers can.

Services Offered by St. Pete’s Top Roofers

Services Offered by St. Pete's Top Roofers

The mark of great roofers is a wide variety of roofing services. And at Classic, we pride ourselves on being able to help with nearly any roofing problem. So whether you need a new roof or just a minor repair, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s talk about what our roofing experts in St. Petersburg, FL can do for you.

Roof Replacement and Installation

At Classic, roof replacements are our bread and butter. And we provide just about every type of roof replacement that you could imagine.

Our roof replacement services include:

By being able to handle any kind of roof replacement, we give our customers complete flexibility and control over their roofs. And even if you want a simple, easy install, it’s always worth it to invest in a crew who can handle any kind of roofing issue.

Roof Repairs

You don’t have to wait until your roof is at a crisis point to get help. If you’re experiencing water leaks, missing shingles, or any other roofing problem, don’t wait to call expert roofers in St. Petersburg. Problems only get worse (and more expensive to fix) over time. By moving forward and getting roofing help today, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Choosing the Right Roofer in St. Petersburg, FL

We know that it can feel impossible to tell who the real experts are and who’s just pretending. But you can use these tools to make sure that you’re going with reliable, trustworthy local roofers.

If you decide to make Classic one of the local roofing companies you get estimates from, we promise to make the process as easy as possible. From getting your free roofing estimate to passing your final inspection, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Give Classic a chance and see why we’re known as the best expert roofers in St. Petersburg, FL.


  1. Why should I hire an expert roofer?
    Hiring an expert roofer ensures quality workmanship, safety, and cost and time efficiency. DIYing roofing projects require a lot of time and money, and there’s no guarantee that the county will approve of any work done.

  2. What should I look for in a roofer?
    Look for a licensed and insured roofer with positive customer reviews and considerable industry experience.

  3. What services do expert roofers offer?
    Expert roofers offer a variety of services, including roof installation, repair, and regular maintenance.

  4. How can I choose the right roofer in St. Petersburg, FL?
    Understand your roofing needs, ask the right questions, and compare quotes from multiple roofers to make an informed choice.

  5. Is hiring an expert roofer cost-effective?
    Yes, hiring an expert roofer is cost-effective in the long run as it helps avoid potential damage and expensive repairs due to poor workmanship.

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