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tile roof cost in Florida

How Much Does a Tile Roof Cost in Florida? 2024 Guide

Tile roofs have been skyrocketing in popularity across Florida, but especially in Tampa Bay. And naturally, a lot of homeowners have questions. But amid questions about different types of tile roofing and durability, one major concern stands out: How much does a tile roof cost?

Well, the short answer is that the national average for the cost of a tile roof ranges from $8,000 to $23,000. But that’s a pretty big range, and the national average isn’t really relevant if you’re looking to install a new tile roof in Florida.

Luckily, the tile roofing experts at Classic Roofing and Construction have your back. So now, we’re going to walk you through all the factors that affect tile roof costs in Florida.

Tile Roof Cost in Florida in 2024

Tile Roof Cost in Florida in 2023

There are many factors and things to consider when trying to figure out how tile roof costs. But perhaps the biggest factor is the material that your tile roof is made from.


Tile Roofing Materials

While there are many tile roofing materials, including metal, slate, and terracotta, two types of tile roofing are dominating the local market: clay and concrete. So let’s look at how much a tile roof costs with each of these materials.

Concrete tile roofs are definitely the more affordable option, but they’re by no means a cheap roofing material. The material costs are fairly low, ranging from $5 to $8 per square foot, but the installation costs are significantly higher. This is true for tile roof costs in general since tile roofs require more skill and experience than shingle roofing options. So for a new roof with concrete tiles, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $19 per square foot in labor costs.

And because they’re a higher-quality roofing material, clay tiles are almost always even more expensive. In Florida, clay tile roofs cost $7 to $10 per square foot, and you should budget for even higher labor costs—between $12 to $21 per square foot.

But your total tile roofing costs won’t just be determined by the material you choose. They will also depend on the style of your new tile roof.

Styles of Tile Roofs

Styles of Tile Roofs

A lot of the appeal of a tile roof is its distinctive, luxury aesthetic. As a result, the style of tile roof that you pick will have a big impact on the total costs. Here’s what you can expect various styles of tile roofs to cost in Florida:

  • Spanish Tiles: These are by far the most popular types of tile roofs in Tampa Bay right now. And not just for their aesthetics—their wave-like pattern also helps water move freely off of your roof. They’re especially popular with owners of stucco homes since they complement the Spanish style of the home. Because they’re both beautiful and highly suited to our local weather patterns, Spanish tiles cost between $14 and $17 per square foot.
  • French Tiles: Also called profile tiles, these tiles have special indents designed to help prevent water from being trapped. This makes them an especially pricey form of tile roofing, with costs from $16 to $20 per square foot.
  • Pantile Tiles: Like Spanish tiles, pantiles are a wave-shaped clay tile option. But because they’re generally lighter than other clay tile options, they can be installed on some roofs that would not otherwise be able to support a tile roof replacement. In Florida, their costs range from $13 to $17 per square foot.
  • Mission Tiles: Like other styles on this list, mission tiles (or Double Roman tiles) are designed to help water flow off your roof. But they accomplish this in a different way. Instead of having a few large waterways, these tiles have several small drainage paths. And in the Tampa Bay area, these tile roof costs are between $15 and $18 per square foto.
  • Barrel Tiles: Barrel tiles are a great option if you want to protect your roof from mold. They are semi-cylindrical, and their curves help prevent mold from developing, which is a great feature to have in humid Tampa Bay. As a result of this utility, barrel tiles cost between $15 and $18 per square foot.

As you can see, there’s a wide range of what various styles of tile roofs can cost you. But ultimately, not even the exact style and composition of your tile roof is enough to tell you what your new tile roof will cost. To get an accurate tile roof cost, you also have to consider your roof itself.

Size and Features of Your Roof

A lot of people overlook how unique their roof actually is. Of course, there are some obvious ways that this can affect your tile roof costs. For example, a larger roof will naturally cost more to replace with tiles than a smaller one. But there are other roof features that impact tile roof costs in Florida.

One big factor is the state of your roof now. If water has damaged your underlayment, a roof replacement will have to include the cost of replacing the damaged wood. The angles and slope of your roof will also impact both material and labor costs for your roof replacement. This is because the more complex your roof is, the more work and time it will take to install your new tile roof.

Your roof may also have special features that increase your tile roof costs. These include things like skylights, dormer windows, and chimneys, to name a few. Working around these will require additional time and materials, so they can do a lot to drive up tile roof costs.

Now that you understand the many factors affecting your tile roof costs, the only thing left to do is put them all together.

Estimating Your Tile Roof Costs

So you have all the pieces and factors for tile roof costs. But how do you compile all these numbers into one tile roof cost estimate?

Well, you can’t, really. As you’ve seen, there’s a considerable range in how much materials cost and the labor required to install them. So no online price calculator or price ranges can reliably tell you how much your new roof will cost. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go into the process blind.

At Classic, we provide free, no-obligation roof replacement estimates. These take into account the exact price of the tiles you want and the unique features of your roof. This way, you can choose your roof replacement company knowing exactly how much your new tile roof will cost.

So why not give Classic a chance? We’ve got hundreds of great reviews from people all over Florida, and we know you’ll love our 100% happiness guarantee. So get your free estimate and get a clear, comprehensive estimate for your total tile roof costs.

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