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Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Have you noticed more and more metal roofs popping up? For both homes and businesses, metal roofs are currently experiencing a renaissance. But while many people rave about their new metal roofs, skeptics still have some concerns. And the best way to get a balanced look at this new roofing material is to consider the metal roofing pros and cons.

At Classic Roofing and Construction, we’ve been installing new metal roofs in Florida for over 20 years. And as your local metal roofing experts, we want to make sure you have answers to all of your metal roofing questions. Keep reading to find out what Florida property owners should know before buying a new metal roof!

Metal Roofing Pros

Metal Roofing Pros

In talking about metal roofing pros and cons, we want to start with the upside. Metal roofs bring a lot of advantages, so check out the biggest reasons we think you’ll love what metal roofing can do for you.


Without a doubt, roofing lifespan is the biggest advantage of metal roofing. Traditional asphalt shingles might last up to 25 years in the best-case scenario. But a metal roof will last, on average, 40 to 70 years! This can save you a lot of time and money by requiring fewer roof replacements over the life of your roof.


Florida-Proof Durability

If you want a roof that can stand up to Florida’s tropical storms and hurricanes, metal roofing could be a perfect fit. In terms of composition, metal roofing in Florida often comes with a zinc coating to help reduce rust from our saltwater air. They’re also extremely wind resistant and are approved for winds of up to 140mph, which means you won’t have to worry about losing part of your roofing system after a storm the way you would with shingles.

“Green” Roofing

When you buy a new metal roof, you can choose to buy one made of partially or entirely recycled materials. And when your metal roof reaches the end of its life, you can have it recycled instead of thrown into a dump. This way, you can help reduce the 12 billion square feet of shingles that clog up space in landfills every single year.

Energy Saving

Everyone wants a lower energy bill every month. But did you know that metal roofing could make that happen? Metal roofs reflect the sun’s heat away from your home or business, which reduces the amount of work that your air conditioning system has to do. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, tend to draw in heat, so switching to metal roofing could mean significant savings on your monthly energy bill.

Versatile Aesthetics

When people think of metal roofing, they tend to think of clunky, ugly old roofs. But modern metal roofs are nothing like the old, rusted metal roofs you might be thinking of. In fact, metal roofs come in many different types, and some, like standing seam metal roofs, are sleek and seamless and create an elegant aesthetic. This means that you no longer have to choose between metal roofing and curb appeal!

Metal Roofing Cons

Metal Roofing Cons

As you can see, there are plenty of features about metal roofing worthy of getting excited about. But no roofing material is all upsides. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the areas where metal roofing can give homeowners pause.

High Metal Roof Installation Costs

Metal roofing outperforms traditional asphalt shingles in virtually every area except for price. In Florida, the cost of a new asphalt shingle roof tends to be around $12,000. A new metal roof, on the other hand, could cost you $30,000 or more depending on the type of metal roof you choose. This cost is somewhat offset by the roof’s durability and longevity, but there’s no denying that you should expect to spend a substantial amount for your metal roof installation in Florida.

Hail Dents

While hail is not the norm for Florida, it does happen. And some types of metal roofing can be vulnerable to denting from large hail. Steel roofs tend to hold up well to impacts like this, but metal roofs with high amounts of aluminum or copper can be softer. That said, these dents rarely represent a structural vulnerability and are usually only an aesthetic issue.


During a heavy storm, metal roofs can make some additional noise as water or hail collides with metal. However, this noise can be muffled if your structure has solid roof decking. In some cases, you may choose to have extra insulation installed to quiet the noise, although this will likely increase your total roof replacement costs.

Difficult Installation

Metal roofs are not simple or easy to install. And even a small error with your metal roof installation could cost you a lot of time and money in roofing troubles for years to come. That’s why, if you decide that metal roofing is right for you, we strongly recommend choosing experienced local roofers who know how to properly install a metal roof.

Get Started on Your Metal Roof Replacement

After looking over the metal roofing pros and cons, the only thing left to do is decide. Is metal roofing right for you? If so, Classic can help you start the metal roof replacement process.

All you have to do is schedule your free roofing estimate. From there, we’ll be able to prepare you a personalized metal roofing estimate that covers the scope of your metal roof replacement. This way, you can get a complete understanding of what’s included in a metal roof installation and how much you can expect to pay.

Metal roofing isn’t perfect, but it is one of the best roofing materials on the market. If you decide that metal roofing could be a good fit for your needs, make sure to invest in experienced roofing contractors. Metal roofing is great, but only when correctly installed. So give Classic a chance and see why we’ve been Florida’s favorite metal roofers for more than twenty years!

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Metal Roofing Pros and Cons FAQs

1. Q: Do metal roofs rust?

A: While metal roofs can rust, most metal roofs sold in Florida are at least partially made from aluminum, which is extremely rust-resistant. This makes it perfect for structures in coastal parts of Florida.

2. Q: What is the biggest problem with metal roofing?

A: For most property owners, the high up-front cost is the metal roofing’s biggest problem. However, these costs can be somewhat offset by the durability and longevity of a metal roofing system.

3. Q: Can I install solar panels on a metal roof?

A: Yes, metal roofing is a great choice for solar panel installations due to its durability and ease of attachment.

4. Q: Do metal roofs attract lightning?

A: Metal roofing does not attract lightning. In fact, it can dissipate the electrical charge, making it a safe choice even during thunderstorms.

5. Q: How long do metal roofs last?

A: Even in Florida, where weather is especially harsh on roofs, metal averages last between 40 and 70 years on average.

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