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Tilcor roofing materials

What’s the Secret of Tilcor Roofing Materials?

If you’re considering replacing your current roof or completing a new roof installation, Tilcor roofing materials could be a great option for your project. These elegant tiles come in a variety of styles, and they’re internationally recognized for being both durable and eco-friendly. But as you consider the material for your new roof, it’s normal to be skeptical. What makes Tilcor tiles so special? And how do they compare to other roofing materials?

Classic Roofing & Construction has been serving Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties for 20 years, so we know what good roofing looks like. Keep reading for our expert crew’s insights into Tilcor roofing materials and what they can do for your property.

What Are Tilcor Roofing Materials Made Of?

What Are Tilcor Roofing Materials Made Of

Conventional metal roofing materials are usually made of only a few types of metal. For example, metal roofing systems may be made of a blend of galvanized steel and a small handful of other metals like zinc. But Tilcor roofing materials go through a highly technical process that combines the very best elements of several types of roofing systems.

All Tilcor products are composed, in part, of ZINCALUME® steel. Also known as Galvalume, this highly durable metal offers several advantages over galvanized steel roofing, including:


  • Excellent corrosion resistance, even at high Florida temperatures
  • Improved ability to reflect heat away from your home, thus lowering energy bills
  • Top-quality abrasion resistance
  • Improved longevity over galvanized steel

ZINCALUME® is able to provide all these benefits due to its unique composition. The steel has a coating of both zinc and aluminum, which greatly improves its resistance to the elements. When something hits your roof (like storm debris or hail), the zinc coating is what takes the blow. This protects the steel core of the Tilcor roofing material, which leads to a longer life for your roof.

But Tilcor roofing materials aren’t special just for using this durable steel. They then take this highly resistant metal and coat it with stone to provide the most protection possible. And having an extra layer of protection provides exceptional weather and fire resistance, which are essential in safeguarding your property.

Finally, the roofing material is coated with an acrylic coating to give that final layer of protection. This is helpful in reducing heat damage to your roof, which is a big concern for homeowners and businesses in Florida.

Tilcor roofing systems clearly have several layers of protection built in, but do they really work?

Tilcor Product Safety Ratings

Naturally, if you’re considering installing a Tilcor roofing system in Florida, you want to make sure it’s safe. And the good news is that Tilcor products have been internationally acclaimed for their high safety standards and features. In Florida, the biggest dangers to roofs are algae, high winds, and heat, and these roofing systems hold up to all of these factors with ease.

After rigorous testing, Tilcor products have been shown to successfully resist hurricane-force winds. This means that when a hurricane comes, you can be confident that your roof is going to hold up and protect your property. And you don’t need to worry about water damage from storms, either. Because even without underlayments Tilcor roofing materials still provide a water-tight cover. This means that algae can’t get trapped beneath the roof, which is a common cause of algae, mold, and other factors that shorten the lifespan of your roof.

And even under the hot Florida sun, these roofs still hold up flawlessly. In fact, the acrylic coating reflects UV rays away from your home. That means less damage to your roof over time and reduced energy bills from cooling your property. In short, Tilcor roofing systems hold up wonderfully even in the worst of Florida’s weather patterns.

Different Styles of Tilcor Roofing Systems

Different Styles of Tilcor Roofing Systems

At Classic, we don’t think that you should have to choose between a durable roofing material and one that looks good. That’s why we recommend Tilcor—because whatever your vision is for your property, they have a style that can make that vision into a reality. And since all of their roofing systems are lightweight and durable, they can often provide better protection than whatever conventional style you’re going for.

Antica Tiles

Spanish tile is a popular roofing option in Tampa Bay, and these Antica tiles replicate that style while providing the durability of stone-coated steel. These Mediterranean-inspired tiles come in a range of colors to give you the perfect S-shaped tile aesthetic that you’ve been looking for.

Craftsman Shake

Craftsman Shake tiles are a great Tilcor roofing material if you like the classic, wood-grain appearance of conventional shake. With a variety of style options, you can have the appearance of a wooden roof while still enjoying the weather-resistant benefits of Tilcor roofing options.

CF Shingle

These concealed fastening (CF) shingles look like asphalt shingles, but they come with much better safety and longevity features. So if you love shingle roofs but want something sturdier, this is an excellent option. And thanks to the concealed fastening technology, screws will be completely invisible, so you can enjoy your elegant new roof without any indication that it’s actually made of lightweight metal.

CF Shake

Like CF shingles, CF shake tiles seamlessly hide all signs of being a metal roofing system. By flawlessly combining the rustic style of shake with the safety of stone-coated steel, CF shake is a great roofing material for anyone who likes the classics but wants modern protection.

Trust a Local Tilcor Roofing Installer

At Classic, we’ve been installing residential and commercial roofing systems in Tampa Bay for 20 years, so we know what we’re doing. And as a GAF Master Elite-certified roofing company, we’re committed to excellence and safety with every job that we do. If you’re interested in installing a Tilcor roofing system, schedule your free estimate to see what we can do for your property. With our 100% happiness guarantee, we’re sure that we can help you find the right roofing material and budget for you.


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