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What Is the Best Time to Put on a New Roof?

What Is the Best Time to Put on a New Roof?

In St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, and Fort Myers, Florida, the question arises: when is the optimal time for a roof installation? We at Classic Roofing & Construction get asked this query all year round. The condensed answer? Winter seasons are the top choice for remodeling or roof replacement, benefiting both homeowners and our team.

Winter brings a multitude of perks for those embarking on significant home renovations or roof repairs. For two decades, we’ve been offering Pinellas County residents robust protection against capricious weather. Our expertise confirms that winter’s dry, moderate climate, stretching into early spring, is most conducive for home improvement ventures, specifically, roof repair or replacement.

November sees average temperatures of 64°F at night and 77°F during the day in Pinellas County. December stays pleasant, with 58°F for the lows and 72°F for the highs. Even January offers a milder climate compared to other states, with nighttime lows in the 50s and daytime highs in the 70s.

Such temperatures create the ideal conditions for installing a wide range of renovation products and materials. Asphalt shingles, for instance, are best suited for installation in temperatures ranging from 45 to 85 degrees. Any drop below 45 degrees can lead to adhesion complications, hampering long-term effectiveness.


Optimal Construction Climate

The favorable weather conditions promote a host of advantages for homeowners and contractors:

Efficiency enhancements: Roofing and other home renovations are physically demanding labor. The cool winter temperatures in Florida are less taxing than hot, humid summer months. Our GAF factory-trained, full-time craftsmen can install roofing materials more swiftly in the cooler temperatures, reducing project completion times, even with winter’s fewer daylight hours.

Evading storm season: Summer’s adverse weather events often lead to emergency roof repairs and replacements for numerous Florida homeowners. This makes summer the peak season for roofing contractors in Florida. Additionally, with ongoing supply chain issues and building material shortages in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian’s devastation, winter choice can keep homeowners away from backlog issues.

Simpler scheduling: By reaching out to us at Classic Roofing & Construction in advance for a winter inspection or a roof replacement, we ensure homeowners’ peace of mind. By planning and securing an appointment, homeowners can rest assured of their home’s protection before the next storm season hits.

Other Elements to Consider

Besides the time of year, the age, present state, and your current roofing warranty may also dictate the ideal time for your home’s roof replacement. Even if your existing roof is capable of shielding your home from Florida’s life-altering weather events, if the roof’s warranty is nearing expiration, a new roof should be considered. Florida’s building codes are among the nation’s strictest due to the area’s frequent encounters with hurricanes, tornadoes, and high winds. It’s vital not to risk your family, home, or financial security without a valid roof warranty.

The surroundings of your roof can also influence the necessity and timing of roof replacement. Those trees you planted over 20 years ago for shade could now pose a lethal threat in Florida’s high winds. If you’ve been neglecting your roof and surrounding vegetation, you might be reducing your roof’s lifespan. The ventilation, slope, orientation, weather exposure, and proximity to trees all affect your roof’s aging process. We, at Classic Roofing & Construction, can assist in evaluating your home’s risk level.

Financially, these decisions do not occur in isolation. As the homeowner, you should select a time for this crucial project that aligns with your regular expenses. To aid our clients in financing their roofing projects, Classic offers reliable loan services through our collaborations with GreenSky and Mosaic. Unlike a home equity loan, our financing application is straightforward, and funds are instantly accessible.

Considerations for Roofing Materials and Installations

When contemplating a roof replacement or installation, it’s essential to consider the roofing material‘s weather durability. Certain materials, such as asphalt shingles, display optimal performance when installed under specific weather conditions, as mentioned earlier. This underlines the importance of planning your roof replacement or installation during the right season.

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