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Soffit and Fascia Repair Near Me

How to Get Soffit and Fascia Repair in Florida

As Floridians, we know that our roofs are important. But while the type of roofing material gets a lot of consideration, many people overlook maintaining their soffit and fascia. This can lead to many problems since these roofing components do a lot to protect your home. So a lot of Florida homeowners are asking themselves: How do I find soffit and fascia repair near me?

We’re Classic Roofing and Construction, and we’ve been handling local roofing concerns for over 20 years. From complete roof replacements to soffit and fascia repair, we have expert crews who can help. And today, we want to help you directly by explaining the basics of soffit and fascia repair and how you can get help.

Why Are Soffit and Fascia Repairs Important?

Why Are Soffit and Fascia Repair Important

The fascia is the long board that sits on the edge of your roofing system. The soffit, on the other hand, is what covers the overhand created between the roof and the fascia. And together, these two seemingly minor things contribute greatly to the safety of your home.

On a purely aesthetic level, soffit and fascia give your home a finished, sleek look. They not only help a house look complete, but they also help disguise attic ventilation without drawing attention. But their benefits go much further than just generating visual interest.


In storm-prone Florida, soffit and fascia have a crucial role in keeping the interior of your home dry. During major storms, high winds can push water under the eaves, which then gets it inside your home. This can lead to water pooling on the inside or, in the long term, even structural damage.

And it doesn’t take a hurricane for your soffit and fascia to be important. They also help keep bats, wasps, and other pests from making homes in your roofing system.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to pursue soffit and fascia repair near you. And unfortunately, there are just as many things that can damage your roofing system.

How Do Soffit and Fascia Get Damaged?

In Florida, there are plenty of reasons why your soffit and fascia could be damaged. But the biggest concern, unsurprisingly for Florida, is sun damage. Over time, the sun’s harsh UV rays can weaken your fascia, leading to issues with cracking, peeling paint, and general weakness. And since fascia plays such an important role in protecting your home, this damage can lead to big problems without professional soffit and fascia repair services.

The second biggest concern is water damage. When rain pelts your fascia and high winds splash it against your soffit, your roofing system can easily withstand the water. But over time, consistent water exposure can lead to water being absorbed by your soffit and fascia. If this happens, you can expect to deal with issues like rot and mold, both of which can ruin your home’s aesthetic and make it more vulnerable to water damage in the future.

Luckily, none of this damage is inevitable. With proper maintenance and occasional repairs to your soffit and fascia, you can have a robust roofing system that keeps your home dry and safe. Now, let’s talk about how Classic can make that happen for you.

How to Get Soffit and Fascia Repair Near Me

How to Get Soffit and Fascia Repair Near Me

At Classic, we’ve been providing soffit and fascia repair services to Floridians for over two decades. Today, we’re going to put that experience to work and answer all of your questions about soffit and fascia repair.

Finding Reliable Roof Repair Professionals in Florida

The first thing you need to do is find a crew of roofing professionals who can handle your soffit and fascia repairs. That starts by looking at local roofer reviews. For example, Classic has over 400 reviews and an average 4.8-star rating. This shows you that we come with experience and deliver on the promises we make.

If you’re considering a roofing company but they don’t have many reviews or show inconsistent results, then you’re better off choosing a more reliable local roofer.

Planning the Scope of Work

If you have soffit and/or fascia damage, it can help to know the full extent of the repair work that you need. For example, if only a small part of your fascia needs to be repaired, then you will need very different repair services than someone whose home needs entirely new soffits, fascia, and gutters.

If it’s been a while since you got your roof inspected or repaired, there may be other issues that need to be addressed. Some of the most common roof repairs include missing shingles, trapped water, and damaged roofing materials. It can be worthwhile to check for these issues before calling a roofer, since getting your roof completely repaired will be much cheaper than having roofers come to your home for each individual issue.

Figuring Out Soffit and Fascia Repair Costs

Naturally, everyone wants to know how much soffit and fascia repairs cost. But this is a surprisingly tricky issue.

For one thing, it depends on how much of your soffit and fascia needs to be repaired. Naturally, replacing a small section will cost much less than replacing the entirety of the soffit and fascia around your home.

But another important factor is what material your soffit and fascia are made from. Some of the most common options are wood, aluminum, UPVC, and vinyl. And each option comes with drastically different costs when it’s time for repairs.

Given all of this variation, it’s no surprise that soffit and fascia repairs can cost anywhere from $600 to $6,000. Obviously, this range isn’t helpful in determining your soffit and fascia repair costs. For a more reliable number, the only solution is to get an estimate.

At Classic, we gladly offer free, no-obligation roofing estimates. When you get a roofing estimate prepared by one of our expert roofers, you’ll have a clear cost for your repairs as well as the complete scope of work that our roofers will complete. This lets you move forward with confidence and clarity.

Soffit and Fascia Repair Video

Soffit and Fascia Repair FAQs

1. Q: What are soffit and fascia?

A: The soffit is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of a roof eave, while the fascia is the board or trim running along the roof’s edge.

2. Q: Why do I need to worry about soffit and fascia repairs?

A: Repairing damaged soffit and fascia is crucial to protect your home from water damage, pests, and structural issues. They help maintain the integrity of your roof and prevent costly repairs in the long run.

3. Q: How do I know if my fascia or soffits need repairing?

A: Look for signs such as discoloration, peeling paint, sagging, rot, cracks, or holes in the soffit and fascia. Water stains on your walls or ceiling may also indicate damage.

4. Q: Can I repair the soffit and fascia myself, or should I hire a professional?

A: While minor repairs can be done by homeowners, extensive or complex repairs are best handled by professionals with the necessary expertise and tools to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

5. Q: What are the most common materials for soffit and fascia repairs?

A: Common materials include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and UPVC. The choice of material depends on factors like durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic preferences. And each choice will come with its own soffit and fascia repair costs.


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