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Steel Roofing Pricing Guide: Metal Roof Cost Per Square Foot

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Did you know that looking up the average cost of a metal roof isn’t actually very helpful? While it’s tempting to think that, since it’s an average, this number will help you set a budget for your new roof, the truth is that every roof has unique features that will alter the cost of a roof replacement. And size is perhaps the biggest factor of all! That’s why many people choose instead to look into how much a metal roof costs per square foot.

Classic Roofing and Construction has been replacing metal roofs for well over two decades. That means we know everything about different metal roofing materials and how much they cost. Today, let us walk you through the factors that influence metal roofing costs and give you information about metal roof costs per square foot. To get started, let’s discuss some of the factors that influence total metal roof prices.

Why the Average Cost of a Metal Roof Isn’t Everything

Why the Average Cost of a Metal Roof Isn't Everything

As mentioned, the average cost of a metal roof doesn’t tell you much. For example, the average size of a residential roof in Florida is 1,960 square feet. So if you’re going by averages but have a larger or smaller roof, the number is immediately not going to apply to your situation.

And differences in size aren’t the only things that can change the cost of metal roofing. Some of the biggest factors that we see every day are:


  • The type of metal roofing material used
  • Whether the roof uses exposed or hidden fasteners
  • The number of stories your roof has
  • Accessibility of the roof
  • Special protective coatings applied to the roofing material

All of these factors play a role in determining the total roof cost. Although nothing short of a personal estimate from a roofing professional can tell you exactly how much your new roof will cost, there are ways to get around these factors and get a ballpark figure for how much your roof could cost.

Average Metal Roof Costs Per Square Foot

Average Metal Roof Costs Per Square Foot

To help you determine how much a new metal roof could cost you, we’re going to go material-by-material and give you their cost per square foot. This way, you won’t have to do any guessing about what kind of roof these numbers apply to.

Steel Roofing

Steel is a classic metal roofing material, and it’s quite affordable by the high standards of metal roofing. In fact, the average steel roof costs five dollars to $12 per square foot. Put another way, you could say that a steel roof costs between $7,500 and $18,000 for a 1,500-square-foot roof.

This price can increase, however. For example, steel is vulnerable to rust, so most steel roofing panels are given rust-resistant coatings. This can further increase the total cost that you pay per square foot for your metal roof. But on the whole, steel roofing is a great budget-friendly metal roofing option.

Galvalume Steel Roofing

Galvalume is one example of an improved, rust-resistant version of steel roofing. Since it’s made with galvanized steel, rust-resistant aluminum, and self-healing zinc, galvalume roofs are much better suited to Florida’s humid climate. Of course, this improved protection does come at a slightly increased cost.

Galvalume can cost anywhere from six dollars to $14 per square foot. In other words, a 1,500-square-foot roof would cost between $9,000 and $21,000 to replace with galvalume.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is a popular metal roofing material in Florida, especially along the coasts where saltwater can prematurely age unprotected metal roofs. But thanks to its amazing rust resistance and unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum has no problem standing up to Florida’s extreme weather.

On average, aluminum roofs cost between six dollars and $15, putting it at a comparable price point to galvalume. For a 1,500-square-foot home, your aluminum roof could cost between $9,000 and $22,500.

Copper Roofing

Copper is, undeniably, one of the strongest roofing materials in the world. It’s hardy, it’s durable, and over time it builds up a patina that makes it all but impervious to rust. That’s why copper roofs have been known to last longer than a century, as opposed to the average metal roofing longevity of 40-70 years.

Naturally, this makes copper roofing one of the most expensive metal roofing options. In fact, a copper roof usually costs between $15 to $25 or more. Using our standard metric, that means total costs fall between $22,5000 and $37,500+ for a 1,500-square-foot roof.

Finding Out the Cost of Your New Metal Roof

The above numbers are based on our years of roofing experience and can do a lot to help you plan for your roof replacement. But do you know what they can’t do? Tell you how much your new roof is going to cost. To get that information, the only thing you can do is start collecting estimates.

At Classic, we believe in keeping things simple and easy for our customers. That’s why we make it easy to schedule your free roof estimate online. This will get you a comprehensive, reliable estimate that covers the full scope of your roof replacement and doesn’t leave any nasty surprises waiting for you when you get that final bill.

Our team of veteran roofers brings decades of experience to every job. Give Classic a chance and see why people in your community love our Classic way of doing business!

FAQs About Metal Roof Costs Per Square Foot

Q: What is the average cost per square foot for a metal roof in Florida?

A: The average cost per square foot for a metal roof in Florida ranges from $5 to $15, depending on the type of metal, quality, and installation complexity. However, your metal roof could easily cost more than this depending on the factors outlined above.

Q: Which factors influence the cost of a metal roof per square foot in Florida?

A: Several factors influence the cost, including the type of metal used, roof size, roof pitch, location, installation method, and any additional features like insulation or coatings.

Q: What is the average installation cost for a metal roof per square foot in Florida?

A: Installation labor costs typically range from three to seven dollars per square foot in Florida, but this can vary depending on factors like roof complexity and which roofing contractors you choose. When you get a reliable roof estimate, labor costs should be included!

Q: Are there any cost-saving measures for installing a metal roof in Florida?

A: Opting for standard materials, choosing a simpler roof design, and obtaining multiple quotes from reputable contractors can help reduce costs. Additionally, scheduling installation during off-peak seasons may lead to lower labor rates.

Q: Does the warranty on a metal roof affect the cost per square foot in Florida?

A: Yes, metal roofs often come with warranties that vary in length and coverage. A longer and more comprehensive warranty may increase the upfront cost but provide better long-term protection and peace of mind.


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