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metal roofing cost in Florida

Metal Roofing Costs: Material, Labor, and More!

If you’re considering getting a new metal roof in Florida, then you’re inevitably going to have questions about metal roofing costs. But figuring out the exact price of your new metal roof is a tricky business. This is because your metal roof needs to comply with zoning regulations and withstand your area’s local weather patterns. And if you live in Tampa Bay, you know that the local weather is nothing to take lightly.

So how can you budget for your new metal roof in Florida? That starts with understanding the ins and outs of the factors that affect metal roofing costs. Keep reading to get clear answers about the price of a metal roof from the experts at Classic Roofing and Construction.

Metal Roofing Material Costs

Metal Roofing Material Costs

Naturally, the type of metal roofing you choose will have a big impact on the total costs. But in addition to metal roofing costs, you also have to account for which type of metal will best meet your needs. In coastal Florida, for example, metal roofs often have to deal with high concentrations of salt, which some types of metal can withstand better than others. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular metal roofing materials in Florida:

  • Steel: The price of steel can range from $6 to $18 per square foot, which can quickly add up if you have a larger roof. But why the large price range? Because corrugated steel is more industrial and therefore more affordable, but steel tiles or shingles can run closer to the high end of that range. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that more expensive steel is better suited to coastal Florida.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is often included in many metal roof compositions because of its ability to reflect UV rays away from a home or business. For an aluminum roof, you can expect your metal roofing costs to range from $9 to $19 per square foot.
  • Zinc: Among the many metal roofing materials, zinc is among the hardiest. But that strength comes at a premium: It ranges in cost from $16 to $25 per square foot. However, when accounting for the full metal roofing costs, you should also consider the money you’ll save on roof repairs.
  • Tin: It’s rare to see a roof made predominantly of tin. Instead, many metal roofs have tin as part of their composition. But tin roofs do still exist, and they range from $12 to $25 per square foot. But because tin is prone to rust, we don’t recommend it for coastal parts of Florida.

As you can see, there’s a wide range of how much a metal roof can cost. And figuring out your unique metal roofing costs will be even harder than the figures above indicate because very few metal roofs are made of one material. Instead, they’re often a blend of metals intended to maximize the best features of each type. As a result, guessing the total roofing costs can be difficult.


But while the type of metal used matters, it is far from the only factor. You’ll also need to consider your labor costs.

Labor Costs for Metal Roofing

Labor Costs for Metal Roofing

Installation will have a lot of impact on your total metal roofing costs. This is especially true for metal roofs, which require a more experienced crew than shingle roof installation. But other factors can influence your final costs as well, including:

  • Pitch and Slope: The steeper your roof, the higher you can expect your labor costs to be. In addition to being tricky to work on, high-slope roofs are typically larger than flat roofs, which will increase your total metal roofing costs.
  • Shape: The overall shape of your roof also plays a role in the cost of your metal roof replacement. Your standard roofing shapes like gable roofs will usually be between $10-30 per square foot in labor costs, but a less common option like a Mansard roof can cost upwards of $40 per square foot in labor.
  • Roofing Elements: Many roofs have additional elements like chimneys, which can require additional time and effort to work around. The more of these elements that you have, the higher your metal roofing labor costs will be.
  • Local Costs: The cost of living has gone up a lot in Tampa Bay over the past few years. And as a result, roofing labor costs have followed a similar trajectory. For this reason, expect roofing labor costs in Florida to be higher than the national average.

Installing a metal roof takes specialized skills, so you never want to skimp on labor costs. At Classic, we take labor so seriously that we don’t use outside roofing subcontractors. Instead, we use in-house Classic employees because we know that they have years of experience and always follow industry best practices. Unlike other roofers, you can trust that we’ll never send inexperienced subcontractors to your home or business.

And although we’ve already covered the biggest factors in metal roofing costs, there are still others to consider if you want a full accounting for the cost of a new metal roof.

Other Metal Roofing Costs

Many people believe that when getting a new metal roof, the only materials you’ll need are the metal. But actually, a metal roofing system is much more complicated than that. It requires many additional features in order to offer the best protection throughout its long life. So let’s take a look at these additional factors for metal roofing costs.

One part of metal roofing costs left to be accounted for is the underlayment. This protective underlayer will stand between your roof’s frame and your new metal roof, and it will help repel water and keep the underlying structure of your roof dry and secure.

In addition to the underlayment, your final metal roofing costs will include fasteners. There are two options: hidden fasteners and exposed fasteners. Hidden fasteners are often more expensive, but they create a sleeker finish and are more popular for residential roofs. Exposed fasteners, on the other hand, are more affordable, but create a more industrial feel and are most commonly used for commercial roofs.

You will also need to account for the gauge, or thickness, of your chosen metal roofing material. The thicker the metal, the higher your total metal roofing costs. And there’s a lot of variety here—the thickest metal is 22 gauge, which can cost between $12 and $28 per square foot. On the other hand, the thinnest gauge (which would likely be unusable for a residential or commercial building) could be as cheap as $2 per square foot.

There’s no denying that a lot of factors affect the price of a metal roof in Florida. And as a layperson, it’s hard to find out how much a metal roof is actually going to cost you. But the friendly roofing experts at Classic are always happy to help.

How to Get the Final Cost

So as you put all of these numbers together, what does it tell you? Well, probably not much. We’ve provided clear, reliable information on metal roofing costs, but that doesn’t get you much closer to knowing what you can expect to pay for a new metal roof. Because all of these figures have such wide ranges, there’s only one way to know what you’ll pay for a metal roof: You’ll have to get a personalized roofing estimate.

Online roofing price calculators are popular, but they claim to do more than they can. There is no way for a price calculator to know all local ordinances, let alone manufacturer pricing or labor costs. So instead of wasting your time with vague guesses at metal roofing costs, go with a reliable figure from roofing experts.

How does that process work? The good news is that it couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is schedule your free, no-obligation roof inspection online or by calling our office at 727-239-8023. Then, on the date of your appointment, one of your friendly roofing specialists will inspect your property and prepare an estimate for you. This estimate will include your total metal roofing costs with no hidden fees to discover later.

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