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When you’re looking for professional roofers in New Port Richey, it can feel impossible to tell who to trust. Every company says that they’re the best option for New Port Richey roofing, but how do you identify the real roofing professionals?

We’re Classic Roofing and Construction, and we’ve been repairing and replacing roofs in New Port Richey for 20 years. And after decades of providing world-class roofing services, we’ve mastered roofing in New Port Richey. But what does that mean, exactly?

Trust Your Local Roofing Professionals

Trust Your Local Roofing Professionals

When it comes to roofing, local experience is everything. Each area has its own weather patterns, and being aware of these and how to handle them is essential to providing the best results for New Port Richey roofing. For example, we know that the three biggest problems that roofs in New Port Richey face are sun damage, wind damage, and algae from water-logged roofs. This knowledge gives us insights on how to set your new roof up with the best chances of long-term success and protection for your home or business.

Additionally, as trusted residential and commercial roofing experts, we know how to work on both sloped and flat roofs. This allows us to provide our services to virtually any home or business in the New Port Richey area. We also know how to work around unique roofing features like chimneys, vents, and skylights, so you don’t have to worry about inexperienced roofers causing problems for your home or business.


As experts on New Port Richey roofing services, we know how to install virtually any roofing material. Some of the most popular roofing materials that we install and repair in the area include:

Since we provide such a wide range of roofing materials, we know that we can always get our customers exactly what they want. And as a full-service roofing company, that’s always our goal. But what does “full-service” mean when it comes to New Port Richey roofing services?

Comprehensive New Port Richey Roofing Services

Comprehensive New Port Richey Roofing Services

Many inexperienced roofing companies may only offer a few roofing services. But we have the experience and professionalism to handle any kind of roofing work. But one of the biggest roofing services that we provide to our New Port Richey community is roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

From removing your old roof to scheduling your final inspection with Pasco County, Classic knows how to handle your roof replacement. Whether you need a new roof for your home or business, our experienced crews know how to help. How can you be sure? Because we don’t use sub-contractors. Every person sent to your job site will be a trained Classic employee, not just an extra set of hands for the day. This way, you can be confident in our New Port Richey roofing services and your new roof.

But we’re not just the best because of our expert crews. We’re also a GAF Master Elite-certified roofing company, which means we can offer the best roofing materials and the strongest warranties. And when all of these factors come together, the result is a beautiful new roof that’s properly installed and set up to give you the best chance at a roof that can withstand Florida’s temperamental weather. Because we understand that a roof replacement is a major investment, and we take your decision to trust us with your roof just as seriously as you do.

Roof Repairs

The best way to make sure your roof lasts is to get a high-quality roof installation. But regardless of the type of roof or the installation methods, wear and tear happens, especially in hurricane-prone Florida. And when you need a roof repair in New Port Richey, you can’t wait. Roofing problems only get worse over time, and if you wait too long, what was once a simple roof repair could turn into a roof replacement.

That’s why we provide quick, efficient roof repair services. We handle leaks, uplifted shingles, roof sagging, and other common signs of damaged roofs. And with our expert crews, we only provide long-term fixes, not short-term patch jobs. This way, you won’t have to worry about an old issue popping up again and causing you problems down the road.

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Schedule Your New Port Richey Roofing Services

At the end of the day, every roofing company in Pasco County will say that they’re the best option for roofing in New Port Richey. But at Classic, we’re more than just talk. That’s clear from our hundreds of rave reviews about our roof replacement and repair services.

But reviews aren’t the only proof that we’re the best in the business. Schedule your free roofing estimate to see what Classic can offer. We have a 100% happiness guarantee, and we always encourage our customers to get several quotes so they know that they’re getting a good deal. And if you get a better quote from a competitor, let us know and we’ll happily match their price.

So why wait? Getting a roofing cost estimate has never been easier, and we’ve got crews ready to give you the high-quality roofing services that you deserve.

New Port Richey Roofing FAQs

1. Q: How do I choose the right roofing material for my home or business in New Port Richey?

A: The “best” roofing material will depend on your budget, your home, and what you need your new roof to do. For residential structures, asphalt shingles are by far the most popular roofing material. And for commercial buildings, most new roofs are made of modified bitumen or TPO.

2. Q: Can I get solar panels installed on my New Port Richey roof?

A: Yes, Classic proudly offers solar roofing options to all of Pasco County. And a roof replacement is the perfect time to add solar features to your roof. At Classic, we offer both traditional solar panels and cutting-edge solar shingle options.

3. Q: How do I know if my roof needs replaced or repaired?

A: Generally, repairs are appropriate for things like leaks and missing shingles. But if half or more of the roof is damaged, then a roof replacement might be a better option. The age of your roof also matters—a 20-year-old shingle roof will need to be replaced, but a 10-year-old shingle roof can usually be repaired.

4. Q: How long does a New Port Richey roof replacement take?

A: How long your roof replacement takes will depend on the roofing material chosen and the local weather. But in general, the roof replacement process can last anywhere from one day to about a week.

5. Q: What should I look for in a New Port Richey roofing company?

A: When hiring local roofers, always verify their licenses and insurance. Additionally, you should look for local reviews from real people in your area to make sure that you’re dealing with real professionals. Many scam roofing companies chase after storms to offer cheap, amateur roofing work, so only trust companies that have been in your area for a long time.

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